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Messages from the ArtNet
Greetings to all subscribers to ArtNet and Art-Support

UK: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Elsewhere: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

These lists continue to get new subscribers, but don't seem to
carry any traffic. I would like to encourage you all to use
the lists for whatever art related purposes you wish. There
are currently approaching 100 subscribers for each list: this
must be a special community, and I would like us to get to
know eachother a bit better.
As there is very little traffic on the two lists, I am
proposing the closing of the Art-Support list and its
amalgamation with the ArtNet list. Many people are members of
both. If you have any feelings against this, please let me
know asap.

The focus of the lists is the UK art, artist and art-worker
community. This does not exclude conversation and information
from and about any other art activities throughout the world.
I feel that knowledge of what is going on around the world is
a powerful stimulant to us UK artists and art-workers.
I would like to suggest that each member of the list writes a
short introduction to themselves, including what they do,
where they are based and what their special interests are. If
there is a good response I will collect these into a 'Members'
file and keep it in the archives.

ArtNet is interested in collecting information about art from
around the world. We have a particular interest in collecting
information about courses, first and post-graduate degrees,
academic resources, specialist facilities etc. I will place
any useful files sent to me into the ArtNet archives; please
ask for more details, or just send files to me personally with
a note.
The UK ArtNet Project presents the
London ArtNet Bulletin Board - 081 533 7602 8-N-1

I would like to introduce you to another part of the UK ArtNet
extravaganza. I have set up a bulletin board in London that is
intended to be the first part of a UK ArtNet. I have been
given a small grant by the Arts Council of Great Britain to
research the potential for artists and electronic
communication. The London ArtNet Bulletin Board (LABB) is in a
development stage at the moment. However, it is fully
functioning, if a bit empty. I would like to invite any of you
in the area to dial in and become subscribers. If you would
like more information, please drop me a line via e-mail, or to
UK ArtNet
13 Brett Rd
London E8 1JP

At the moment LABB and [email protected] are completely
separate, linked only by Sneakernet (carrying discs around). I
will be looking at possible link-ups in the future. I invite
involvement and interest from around the UK and indeed the
world. I am particularly looking for others who may want to
start ArtNet Bulletin Boards in the UK and network.
That's all for now.
Hope to hear from you all soon.
[email protected]
artnet-reque[email protected]
or, worldwide:
[email protected]
[email protected]
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