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Your explanation of Hypermedia is correct, but one essential feature is the
'interactivity'. Hypermedia could be considered multimedia the way you have
described it. Yet it is different. It is not just the merging of art discipline
s, but creating an environment where the viewer becomes an active participant
in the work. Traditionally the artist codes and the viewer decodes, whereas in
this art the participant is a creative partner. Most computer art has been
information processing with the computer and taken traditional art forms such
as photography, sculpture, or painting. Hypercard is the first public platform
offering artists 'control'. That is the ability to control sound systems, CD
players, etc. Control may be used on or off screen. The aesthetics of this
art: role of the artist, viewer, museums, curators, etc. break with what is
traditionally practised in the art community. Critics have a difficult time
as do theorists understanding what I call interdisciplinary interactive
electronic art. Since the work is incomplete without participation it must be
judged differently. Last year we discussed the fact that most viewers pause
approximately 5 seconds to observe each work in a museum. The impact of this
art is to clog that quick quiet treck through the museum. Participants TOUCH
participants INTERACT and that too goes against tradition.

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