ART/ARCHITECTURE: Earth Day 20APRIL92 Internet Resources.

This is a list of computer-based communications systems devoted to
environmental concerns. All are available through the Internet from
VM/CMS systems. They are, as follows:

01. [email protected] Ecology E-Conferencing System (Fee-Based Service);
02. [email protected] Ecological/Environmental Discussions,
Bitnet: [email protected];
03. [email protected] Environmental Studies E-Conference,
Bitnet: [email protected],
Internet: [email protected];
04. [email protected] Green Movements Study E-Conference,
Bitnet: [email protected],
Internet: [email protected];
05. [email protected] REcycling in Practice,
Bitnet: [email protected],
Internet: [email protected]; and
06. [email protected] Health/Safety. Campus Problems,
Bitnet: [email protected],
Internet: LISTSERV%[email protected] .

For more information, directly contact these resources.
Partial thread listing: