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I know that many of you must know about Fineart Forum, but I realise
that some of you don't. As I think it is one of the best things in
online art, I thought I would distribute a copy just once to you all.
Subscription information is at the end. I hope this isn't too much of
an imposition. Please address any complaints/complements to the list.


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FINEART Forum April 1, 1992 Volume 6 : Number 4
Contents: Correction in Perforations Article: Richard Gess
ARSLAB: Roger Malina
Rediscovering Pompeii: Roger Malina
Video Festival: Wim van der Plas
Disembodied Art Gallery: Keith De Mendonca
3Dmt'92 International Conference: Hal Thwaites
Art Horizons' Art Competition: Nora Smith
FIFOM 92: Yves Pilon
Deadline for Contributions: Steve B
AI/Music Research Group: Eduardo Miranda
Center for Safety in the Arts Online: Michael McCann
New Subscribers: Nancy Nelson
Date: 10 March 1992 From: Richard Gess
Subject: Correction in Perforations Article, FAF 63

Could you please print this correction in the next issue (the last
lines were inadvertently chopped off)?

Last paragraph of call for papers reads in full:

PERFORATIONS subscriptions are $25/4 issues; first issue for current
new subscribers will be WInter 1992. Send subscription requests to:
Public Domain, Inc., 1140 Euclid Ave., Atlanta GA 30307. Checks/money
orders should be payable to Public Domain. Back issues: Fall 1991 $4,
Winter 1992 $6.
Date: 17 March 1992 From: Roger Malina
Subject: ARSLAB

ARSLAB - Interactions between art, science and technology from the
Exploratorium of San Francisco and Ars Technica of Paris

The City of Turin, together with Extramuseum [Divulgazione
Scientifica], has organized ARSLAB, an international exhibition based
on the theme of the relationship between the art world and techno-
science, to be held in Turin at the Mole Antonelliana from March 19 -
April 22, 1992. Poetic vision and analytical lucidity are interwoven
in the works and installations of the artists, offering futuristic
creative experiences for a public that is no longer willing to remain a
spectator. The atmosphere will therefore be that of a creative
workshop, with forms, emotions and sound shifting from order to chaos,
intellect to feeling, unpredictability to repetition, observation to
intuition, natural phenomena to works of art. From methodological
rigour to emotion, in other words. The exhibition is divided in two
sections, one French and the other American. Their complimentary
diversity achieves a stimulating aesthetic, methodological and
epistemological exchange between two ways of looking at the world which
now appear critically but fruitfully closer together.

For more in formation, contact: Ufficio Mostre dell'Assessorato per la
Cultura della Citta di Torino, Patrizia Piovano, Piazza San Carlos 161,
10123 Torino -Italy, tel: 39 11 5765561.
Date: 15 March 1992 From: Roger Malina
Subject: Rediscovering Pompeii

Rediscovering Pompeii
Accademia Italiana

An exhibition of some 200 objects excavated from the ruins of Pompeii,
many of which have not been exhibited before, offering a fascinating
insight into daily life in the 1st century A.D. and illustrating how
computer technology has revolutionized the analysis of archeological
evidence. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to take an
electronic tour of Pompeii using an interactive computer system.

Contact: Accademia Italiana, 24 Rutland Gate, London SW7 1BB, UK, tel:
071 225 3474, fax: 071 589 5187.
Date: 3 February 1992 From: Wim van der Plas
Subject: Video Festival


10th World-wide Video Festival
April 7-12, 1992 11-01 hrs daily
Kijkhuis, The Hague, Holland
Admission Free
Address: Noordeinde 140, 2514 GP Den Haag, The Netherlands
Phone: 31-70-3644805 Fax: 31-70-3614448

Approximately 80 new video art productions (the makers are often
present) Video Installations (by, among others, Alexander Hahn)
Photo Exhibition, Music Videos (featuring Dutch independent music
videos, 'Industrial Techno Dance' and Black Rappers), Lectures by
(among others) Yoichiro Kawaguchi and Steven Partridge

Preceding the festival there is an exhibition of three new video
installations by Tony Oursler in the Kijkhuis. February 2 - March
15, Wednesday-Sunday, 13-17 hours.
Date: 09 March 1992 From: Keith I De Mendonca
Subject: Disembodied Art Gallery Exhibition


England's largest Arts Festival will be taking place in
Brighton again this year. Each May over one hundred theatre, dance and
comedy events are presented in venues throughout the town - from
traditional opera to experimental dance, classical Greek plays to world
debut performances.

However little of the Festival spirit seems to overflow onto
the streets and much of the population could be forgiven for not even
noticing when the Festival begins or ends. Participation in the
Festival just costs the price of a ticket, but these often seem
prohibitively high to some sections of the community that the Festival
aims to introduce to the Arts. Few of the scheduled events actually
present interesting, new work TO the people of the town ON the streets.

By contrast, Edinburgh can barely contain the (much larger)
Festival that it hosts each August - and it is impossible to walk
around the town, day or night, without encountering street plays,
jugglers and buskers from literally all over the world.

As a small independent group, we feel that we can do little to
attract international artists to travel to Brighton but we can attempt
to invite a little MAIL ART CULTURAL TOURISM into our town.

So, we have decided to hold Brighton's first DISEMBODIED
GALLERY EXHIBITION throughout the town during the month of May. We
would like to put some new visual artwork onto the streets instead of
inside a gallery space; distribute original artwork around the town
and give anyone the opportunity in participating or collecting these

Our aim is to broaden the base of the Festival and to initiate
a much needed debate about the role of this Festival, and more
importantly about the role of the Arts within the community.

-- o0o --

So we are making a call for original or decorative artwork, on
paper or card, originals or Xeroxes, 1 to 100 copies. All artwork that
we receive will be displayed in the streets of Brighton in the month of
May. In return for your contribution, we will photograph the artwork
in place and document the comments from the towns' people about your
artwork. Your pictures will be fly-posted, hung from bus-stops and
distributed around shops, arcades, pubs and clubs.

We wish to challenge the concept of Art being a sacred relic to
be worshipped from a distance and be sold as a costly trophy. We will
ask passers-by to comment on the artwork and its place in THEIR
town and encourage them to keep work that they like.

Although there is no rigid theme to the exhibition, we would
particularly like to encourage you to produce new work that addresses
the issues that are documented above. Prospective participants are
reminded that their work will be displayed in full public view and so
the subject matter should be chosen with this fact in mind.

K. de Mendonca and M. A. Longbottom,
(disembodied curators)



All artwork should be sent so that we RECEIVE it by the middle
Date: 12 December 1992 From: Hal Thwaites
Subject: 3Dmt '92 International Conference

3Dmt'92 International Conference
The 1992 International Conference on Three
Dimensional Media Technology (3Dmt)
will be held; May 18,19,20, 1992 in Montreal, Canada
at the Sheraton Center.

Sessions will include the following topics:
3D Film, Video and Television systems;
Stereoscopic Computer Graphics and Animation;
Virtual Reality
Spatial Sound Systems
3D Multi-Media Technologies
3D Production and Management
3D Theory and Research

For Further information or to submit a paper proposal,
please contact the 3Dmt Center at the address listed

3Dmt Center
Concordia University
7141 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4B 1R6
Tel. (514) 848-2539
Fax (514) 848-3492
e-mail [email protected]

This conference promises to be another exciting event. Plan to
attend early, since 1992 is the 350th Anniversary of the founding of
the City of Montreal, and many special events will happen during the
week of 3Dmt'92. Don't miss this 3D media event of 1992 !
Date: 15 January 1992 From: Nora Smith
Subject: Art Competition

Art Horizons' American Art Competition

Prizes totaling $ 10,000 will be offered in this competition as well as
the opportunity to have works shown in the three week "1992 Grand
Exhibition" at Art 54 Gallery in SOHO, New York. The competition is
open to professional and aspiring artists. The artist chooses the
subject, size and medium. All entries must be accompanied by the
official entry form and an entry fee of $ 6.00 for each slide or
photograph of the submitted work. To receive the official entry form,
send a postcard with your name and address to: Art Horizons, Fine Arts
Department, 140 Prospect Avenue, Suite 16R, Hackensack, NJ 07601, tel:
210 487 7277, fax: 201 343 5353. The deadline for receiving entries is
May 29, 1992.
Date: 12 February 1992 From: Yves Pilon
Subject: FIFOM 92

Festival International du Film par Ordinateur de Montreal (FIFOM)
May 22 - May 31, 1992

Last year's Festival presented over 200 films of which 60 were in
competition. FIFOM 92 provides an opportunity for the public as well
as professionals to view the most recent computer graphic works
produced throughout the world. Screenings will take place
simultaneously in a number of theaters in Montreal and Quebec City.

FIFOM, in association with Infographie Canada, will present the
international symposium on computer graphics as part of the Production
92 line-up of events. Sixty international experts will be on hand to
lead the symposium conferences, seminars and workshops.

For more information, contact: Festival International du Film par
Ordinateur de Montreal (FIFOM), 373, Place d'Youville, Suite 505,
Montreal, Canada H2Y 2B7, tel: 514 982 9872, fax: 514 765 3116.
Date: 21 October 1992 From: Steve B
Subject: Deadline for Contributions

Champery, Switzerland, 28-30 October 1992

Aims and Scope:
At past workshops it has been noted that people in the graphics
community are addressing a wide variety of problems: surface modeling,
rendering, animation, interaction, multiple media, constraints, etc. At
the same time, it has also been noted that people share similar
concerns in the areas of software reuse, extensibility and maintenance.
This workshop will be an effort to identify such common concerns and to
devise solutions that benefit a wide spectrum of research domains
within the interactive graphics community. The goal of the workshop is
to outline a common platform, based on a set of object-oriented
primitives, for the support of graphics applications. To this end,
each submission should be motivated by at least one of the following

1. If my programming environment were to provide an object-oriented
platform, what kind of support would I ask from it for my particular
domain of interest?

2. As a designer of an object-oriented platform, how would it support
object-oriented graphics? Here, the term object-oriented platform
should be taken in a broad sense; it may encompass any kind of
functionality to support graphics applications, even non-graphic
primitives such as support for persistent objects, concurrency, etc.
The following non-exhaustive list provides some typical issues that
could be discussed:

- support of reuse and extensibility in graphics systems,
- concurrency and distribution support for graphics applications,
- standards for data exchange such as geometric primitives, scripts,
sound and video,
- the integration of constraints in graphics systems,
- the binding of input/output activities to objects and user
- encapsulation as a mechanism for interoperability of graphics
- object-oriented "wrapping" of existing graphics kernels.

Full Papers:
Please submit 4 copies of papers (10-20 single sided pages, 200 word
abstract) for review by the programme committee. Accepted papers will
be reproduced in the workshop proceedings. Invitations to submit
revised versions for a book (in the EurographicSeminars Series of
Springer) will depend on the quality of the contributions. Shorter
position papers (1-2 pages) may be accepted according to their
relevance to the workshop. Questions concerning the suitability of
papers should be addressed to the organizers.

Workshop Format:
The workshop will be limited to 60 participants. To encourage
discussion, at least two types of presentations are foreseen: 1) full
paper presentations and 2) presentations of the results from small
group discussions. Equipment for document and transparency preparation
will be made available. The results of the workshop may also be
reproduced in the book if the participants and editors feel they are

Venue and Fee:
The workshop will be held in Champery, Switzerland. The fee will be
about SFr. 700 including accommodation and meals. Limited funds for
subsidizing students may be available.

Eurographics Workshop on Object-Oriented Graphics
Centre Universitaire d'Informatique
12 rue du Lac
CH-1207 Geneva
Phone: 41 (22) 787 65 86
Fax: 41 (22) 735 39 05
E-mail: [email protected]
Date: 24 February 1992 From: Eduardo Miranda
Subject: AI/Music Research Group

University of Edinburgh
Dept. of Artificial Intelligence - Faculty of Music
AI/Music Research Group Meetings

The main purpose of the meetings is to discuss the
possibilities of Artificial Intelligence applied to Music and the state
of art at the moment.

It is for everyone interested in the subject.
Talk proposals are welcome.
Dates and venue to be announced soon.
If you are interested, please contact:

Eduardo R. Miranda
AI/Music Group
Faculty of Music
Alison House
12 Nicolson Square
E-mail:[email protected]
Date: 06 January 1992 From: Michael McCann
Subject: Center for Safety in the Arts

By Michael McCann, Ph.D., C.I.H.

The Center for Safety in the Arts (CSA) currently operates
OSHBBS, the Occupational Safety and Health Bulletin Board
System. OSHBBS has several dozen art hazards files that can
be downloaded, along with over 700 New Jersey Hazardous
Substance Fact Sheets. In addition, users can leave messages
for CSA or others about particular art hazards problems.
OSHBBS can be reached at (USA) 212-385-2034 (8N1).

(Reprinted from Arts Wire)
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