ART/ARCHITECTURE: Online Information Hunting.

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Dear Dr. Lawrence - please place the attached announcement on FACXCH-L.
I believe that this book could be of interest to its participants.
Please send me the issue with this announcement.

Greetings and thanks

Nahum Goldmann
<[email protected]>

Announcement: ONLINE INFORMATION HUNTING, by Nahum Goldmann

(Please also pass this announcement to the Library/Information Resource
Center in your organization.
Reply to: N. Goldmann <[email protected]>)

This book (McGraw-Hill/Windcrest, ISBN 0-8306-3945-4, tel. 1-800-233-1128,
price Paper $17.95, Hard $29.95) is amongst a limited number of
publications on computerized information retrieval specifically addressed
to the end-user. The book describes what kind of information is available
online, how to search for it, and how to use it to your professional
advantage. Also included is a brief introductory section on academic
e-mail networks.

The book outlines the SUBJECT EXPERT SEARCHING TECHNIQUE - a new
methodology for online information gathering. This efficient
research method is especially tailored for the end-users of
information who are working in rapidly developing scientific
areas, and can be used as a means of professional survival in rapidly
changing scientific and professional areas. It has been successfully
used by several R&D organizations. With this technique, occasional users
such as scientists and students can now master the use of online
databases for themselves.

"... Although intended for end-users, the book could serve as... an
introductory online search course for librarians."
- Dr. Roger K. Summit, Dialog

"... I recommend that practicing physicians, researchers, and students
start with this very useful book."
- Can. Med. Ass. J

"... A definite basis for an undergraduate course in '(Intelligent)
Information Retrieval.'"
- Dr. Alex Meystel, Drexel U.
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