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Subject: Texas Cyberarts
Summary: Looking for Cyberartists in Texas
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Date: 21 Apr 92 22:36:47 GMT
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I wish to get in touch with other artists within the state
of Texas that consider themselves or would not mind being
called CyberArtists. This would include artists using the
matrix as a medium of connection, users of electronic media
in the production of their artwork, those involved with
computer graphics/animation/music/sculpture, designers and
other as yet undefined art workers

Preliminary plans are being made for a gathering of the
Texas Electronic Community, in a face-to-face Jamboree, a
Virtual Rodeo to be held in Austin in April of 1993.

One of the prime purposes of this gathering is to explore
the cultural and aesthetic implications of the new
communication technologies.

If you think you might fit the bill or know of artists that
would, please reply by email.
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