Request for information

The following comes from a friend of mine who is contemplating a career
change. She currently holds a BS in electrical engineering, but thinks she
would like to move toward urban or environmental design. She's currently
looking for quality graduate programs which offer study in her specific areas
of interest, and other sources of information which would help guide her toward
a decision. Any information or suggestions forthcoming would be greatly
appreciated. Please send replies directly to me, as I'm not subscribed to this
list. Thanks.

Grant Davis ([email protected])
Information Services
West Chester University

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I'm searching for information which would aid in my selection of a graduate
studies program. I would also appreciate the names of any individuals, public
or private research institutes, or design firms which I may contact for
additional information or guidance.

Programs of interest:

- Interdisciplinary environmental design (urban design,
landscape architecture, interior design)

- Land use, regional and urban planning

General areas of interest:

- Aesthetic design (space, form, color, light, acoustics,
perception) of the public environment.

- Landscape ecology

- Scale economics in planning and sustainable development

- Inner city redevelopment and urban renewal


- Improving the quality of life provided by buildings,
cities, and landscapes.

- Enhancement of public spaces in cities, towns, and
countrysides to foster a renewed sense of place and

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