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Subj: NEW LIST: LM_NET - school Library Media Network

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Subject: NEW LIST: LM_NET - school Library Media Network
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LM_NET on [email protected] Library Media Network
or [email protected]

For all school library media people--a new listserv called LM_NET
(library media network) has just been set up to serve the school
library media community world-wide. This list is operated by Mike
Eisenberg, Syracuse University, AASL, and Peter Milbury, a library
media specialist in Chico California.

Conversation on this list will focus on the topics of interest to the
school library media community, including the latest on school
library media services, operations, and activities. It is a list
for practitioners helping practitioners, sharing ideas, solving
problems, telling each other about new publications and up-coming
conferences, asking for assistance or information, and linking
schools through their library media centers.

To join send an email to either:

Peter Milbury [email protected]
Mike Eisenberg [email protected] ([email protected])

It's important to include your full userid/address, your firstname
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