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sorry about that last note it kind of took off before i was finished.

anyway as i was saying, these low cost self contained homes present all kinds
of problems for the economy. millions of people who currently work to build
conventional homes would be out of work, not to mention the loggers who harvest
the lumber to build these homes. if the production homes were actually self
contained the utility companies (telephone, electric, gas, water) would begin
loosing their clients which in turn would take more jobs. and if these homes
could be had for a fraction of current home costs just think what this would
mean for the banking industry which makes hundreds of thousands of dollars on
each new home financed.

sorry for being so negative but i think the effects of mass produced housing
is great enough deterent to prevent any serious investment/research/development

personally, i would love to own my own home and what could be better than a
portable home, i could take it with me when i finish school. oh, that reminds
me, all the property owners that rent to low income (read too low to buy)
persons would never support anything that might jeopardize their incomes.

i think the technology to mass produce homes is available, the self contained
part might need some more work. in the future when people are *really* more
concerned with the environment than income, i think bucky's designs will prove
to be a viable alternative to our current wasteful home production.

Gordon C. Muth III

does anyone know anything of plastic homes produced by general electric? i
heard they were developing and producing them but that was it. has anyone
seen one?
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