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Subject: Telenetlink
Date: 07-3-92

Here is a new bulletin about from the CrackerJack Kid, about the
World-wide decentralized Network congress - taking place all
throughout this year. Please do pass on this bulletin to others.
The Crackerjack Kid (Chuck Welch) can be contacted at the following
email address:

[email protected]


Decentralized World-Wide Networker Congress 1992 (NC92)
Where two or more artists/networkers meet in the course of 1992, a congress
will take place. The Decentralized World-Wide Networker Congress will serve
as a meeting point for all kinds of networkers. The meaning of the common
role as networkers should be the focus of the discussion.

As part of the NC92 Crackerjack Kid has organized a "Telenetlink Congress"
which extends the objectives of NC92 in an effort to link the mail art and
telematic communities. This event is a "congress in progress" and is
scheduled to occur throughout 1992. Participation may involve any form of
telecommunication exchange, email, fax, video phones, etc. Visual or verbal
communication discussing the role of the networker is one possible theme.
Proposals and projects that would interconnect any networking communities is
also welcome. What mutual benefits would be derived from telenetlinking
network worlds? Members of the telematic community can join this congress by
sending a brief statement about how you envision your own role as a
networker. Send statements/ideas, visual or verbal via email to
[email protected] or fax to Chuck Welch, NC92 Telenetlink
Congress (603)448-9998. All statements received from artists in the
telematic and mail art community will be part of the NC92 "Networker Database
Congress," a collection that will be made available for research at the
University of Iowa's "Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts

Networker Congress Reading Material

1) "Art That Networks," Chuck Welch, Whole Earth Review, Summer 1992 issue,
pp. 127 - 128. This article focuses on the NC92 Telenetlink Congress. Also
listed are all the networker congress organizer's addresses.

2) Netshaker, Crackerjack Kid, Volume 1, #1. Entire issues lists 250 entries
of the NC92 Networker Databank. Write to Crackerjack Kid, PO Box 978,
Hanover, NH 03755 U.S.A.

3) Networker Databank Congress. All current documentary entries for the
Decentralized World-Wide Networker Congress are listed on one disc, Microsoft
Word Version 3. Each disk available for $12.00. Write to Chuck Welch, 108
Blueberry Hill Drive, Hanover, NH 03755 U.S.A.

4) Chronology of the World-Wide Networker Congress 1992, Peter W. Kaufmann,
Bergwisenstrasse 11, 8123 Ebmatingen, Switzerland.

5) Networker Congress: An Annotated Bibliography," by John Held Jr., $10.00
on disk/$15.00 hard copy, from 7919 Goforth, Dallas, TX 75238

6) Retrofuturism (Quarterly) by the Tape Beatles, August 1991, #15. $5.00 ea.
PO Box 227, Iowa City, Iowa 52244 U.S.A.

Networker Congress Facilitators
For further informationa bout scheduled NC92 events, write to these

NC92 Office
Hans Ruedi Fricker, Postfach 78, 9043 Trogen, Switzerland

Netlink North America
John Held Jr., 2919 Goforth, Dallas, TX 75238, U.S.A.

NC92 Databank
Crackerjack Kid, PO Box 978, Hanover, NH 03755, U.S.A.

Netlink Latin America
Clemente Padin, Casilla C. Central 1211, Montevideo, Uruguay

Netlink Australia
Warren Burt, Flat 10/102 Part St., St. Kilda West, Vic 3182, Australia

Netlink Asia
Shozo Shimamoto, 1-1-10 Koshienguchi, Nishinomiya 663, Japan

Netlink Africa
Ayah Okwabi, PO Box 6055, Accra North, Ghana

Netlink Russia
Serge Segay and Rea Nikonova, Sverdlova 175, 35660 Eysk, Russia

The Face of the Congress
Mark Corrota, PO Box 1382, Youngstown, OH 44501, U.S.A.

Netlink Iowa City
Steve Perkins, 221 W. Benton Street, Iowa City, Iowa 55246 U.S.A.

Netlink Europa
Congress Coordinator Peter W. Kaufmann, Bergwisenstrasse 11, 8123 Ebmatingen,

Planned Open Sessions - key contacts

Jan 1, 92 Peter W. Kaufmann, Bergwisenstr 11, Ebmatingen, Zurich, Central
Station, Switzerland

Jan 1, 92 - Dec 31, 92 Peter Kustermann,Mailmen, PO Box 2644, D-495 Minden,
Germany. Will be holding an around the world tour delivering messages by

Jan 1, 92 - Dec. 31, 92 Crackerjack Kid, PO Box 978, Hanover, NH 03755 or
email [email protected] Telenetlink Congress

Jan 1992 John Held Jr., 1919 Goforth, 75238, Dallas, TX San Francisco
Rubberstamp Congress at Rubberstamp Gallery

Feb 2, 92 Dan Raphael, 6735 SE 78th, Portland, OR 97206, US

Mar 22, 92 Crackerjack Kid, RR1 Box 426H, Lebanon, NH 03766. Will be holding
a Netshaker Harmonic Divergence on Spring Solstice, also Summer, Fall and
Winter Solstice 1992. Write for details

Mar 22, 92 Willie Marlowe, 7 Euclid Avenue, Albany, NY 12203. Netshaker
Harmonic Divergence

April 1, 92 Sareth Branwyn and Robin Moor, Washington, D.C. Congress

April 11, 92 Giuseppe Lannicelli and Ovcinicoff, Via Sacco 20, Alessandria,

May 10, 92 Franco Santini, Via c.a. dalla Chiesa 9, 57018 Vada, (LI) Italy

May 9-10, 92 Emilio Morandi, Via San Bernadino 88, Pontenossa, Italy

May 19-23, 92 Pawel Petasz, Skr. Pocztowa 68, Elblag 82-300, Poland
Jun 92 Bruno Pollacci, Via Boccherini 12, 56122 Pisa, Italy

Jun 13, 92 Piermario Ciani and Paolo Cantarutti, Udine, Italy

Jun 14-16, 92 Siglinde Kallnbach, Heinrich Heinestr. 27, Kassel

Jun 15-20, 92 Rorica and Dobrica Kamperelic, Milovana jankovica 9b, 11040
Beograd, Yugoslavia

Jul 4-17, 92 Lutz Wohirab and Reinhard Schmidt, Prenzlauer Allee 210, 1055
Berlin. Germany

Jul 6, 92 Rod Summer, Postbus 1051, 6201 BB Mastricht, The Netherlands

Jul 10-25, 92 Rorica and Dobrica Kamperelic, Milovana jankovica 9b, 11040
Beograd, Yugoslavia. Plan session at Milocer Monienegro-Rivierra, Yugoslavia

Jul 27, 92 Bruno Chiarlone, Via Bertolotti 58, 17014 Cairo M., Rocchetta del
Murales, Italy

Jul 26-Aug 1, 92 Jurgen Kirspel, M. Lutherstrasse 41, 7000 Stuttgart 50,

Aug 1, 92 H.R. Fricker, Huttschwend 278, 9043 Trogen, Switzerland

Aug 31, 91 - Dec 31, 92 Crackerjack Kid, PO Box 978, Hanover, NH 03755.
Organized congress in progess - "Networker Databank Congress" -- all
documentation of networker congresses are to be sent to this address for
inclusion at "Alternative Traditions Archive," University of Iowa, Iowa City,

Aug 14-17, 92 Ruggiero Maggi, C. Sempione 67, 20149 Milano, Italy

Aug 92 Nenad Bogdanovic, S. Markovica 41, 25250 Odzaci, Yugoslavia

Aug 23, 92 Guy Bleus, 42.292, PO Box 43, B-3830, Wellen, Belgium. Congress to
be held at Antwerpen Zoo

Sep 1-3, 92 Andrej Tisma, Modene 1, Novi Sad 21000, Yugoslavia

Nov 17, 92 Stefano Biasin, Via Signora Adriana del Vescovo 26, 31100 Treviso,

May 1992 - Dec. 1992 Women's Networker Congress, c/o Jennifer Huebert, PO Box
395, Rifton, NY 12471 U.S.A.

Following list includes sessions planned by individuals, but no dates given
at time of this posting:

Klaus Groh, Heidedamm 6. PF 1206, 2905 Edewecht, Germany

Gianni Broi, Via Peroglesi 18, 1-50144 Firenze, Italy

Dogfish, 32351 Fairview Avenue, E. Seattle, WA 98102

Mark Corroto, Box 1382, Youngstown, OH 44501

Bern Porter, 22 Salmond, Belfast, ME 04915

Russell Butler (Buz Blurr), 908 Main St., Gurdon, AR 71743

Judith A. Hoffberg, PO Box 40100, Pasadena, CA 91114

Reid Wood, 271 Elm Street, Oberlin, OH 44074

Geoffrey Cook, PO Box 771, Berkeley, CA

Ervin Ounapuua, Haava 2-4, 202400 Tartu, Estonia

Serge Segay and Rea Nikonova, Sverdlova 175, 353660 Eysk, USSR

Jose Oliveira, Apartado 21256, P-1131 Lisboa Codex, Portugal

Cesar Figueredo, Apartado 4134, P-4002 Porto, Portugal

Bola, Jan De Boever, Molenstraat 165, B-9900 Eelko, Belgium

Luc Fierens, Boterstraat 43, B-2930 Hombeek, Belgium

Kristof d'Haeseleer, Meerstraat 41, B-9308 Aaist, Belgium

Charles Francois, Quai Churchill 35, B-4020 Liege, Belgium

Ruth Knecht, Herrlingerstr. 21, D-7902 Blaubeuren-A(r)sch, Germany

Ulrich Kattenstroh, Kaiserdamm 21, D-1000 Berlin 19, Germany

Plg und Heino Otte, Dezermentendamm, D-2934 Neuenburgerfeld, Germany

Cla Putz, Pips Dada, Beethovenstrasse 40, D-5000 Bonn 1, Germany

Stefan Szczelkun, 85 St. Agnes Place, GB-London SE11 4BB, England

Stephen Perkins, 221 W. Benton St., 55246, Iowa City, IA

Vittore Baroni, Via C. battisti 339, 1-55049 Viareggio, Italy

Jean Noel Laszlo, 46 Rue de Castillon, F-83000 Toulon, France

Daniel Daligand, 33 rue Louise Michel, F-92300 Levallois, France

O. Jason, Lower South view, Farnham GU9 7LB Surrey, England

Matthew Fuller, PO Box 368 Cardiff, Wales, England

Ruud Janssen, PO Box 10388, NL-5000 JJ Tilburg, The Netherlands

David Jarvis, 31 Mountearl Gardens, London SW16 SNL, England

A1 Waste paper, 71 Lambeth Walk, London SE11, 6DX, England

Shozo Shimamoto, 1-1-10 Koshienguchi, J-Nishinomiya T663, Japan

Lloyd Godmann, Otago Polytechnic, 4th St. 2, Dunedin, New Zealand

Warren Burt, Flat 18/102, Park St., St. Kilda West, V1C, 318 Australia

Clemente Padin, Cassila C. Central 1211, Montevideo, Uruguay

Ayah Okwabi, PO Box 6055, Accra, North Ghana, Ghana

Graciela G. Marx, C.C. 266/749, C.P. 1900 La Plata, Argentina

Paulo Bruschky, Caixa Postal 850, 5000 Recife PE, Brazil

Joki Networker, PO Box 2631, D-495 Minden, Germany

Galantai-Artpool, PO Box 52, H-1277 Budapest T 23, Hungary

Ryosuke Cohen, 3-76-1-A-613 Yagunokitacho, Moriguchi-City, Osaka 570, Japan

Jaquelin Wolven, 2421 Elden Ave. #1, Costa Mesa, CA 92627-5111

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