ARCHITECTURE: Bicycle Bridges. Query.

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Subj: ramps for bikes

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Subject: ramps for bikes
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I saw the following message in alt.planning.urban
Please note that I am not asking the question, Norm Olson is.
Begin included message:
Is anyone aware of bridges that have been built specifically for
purpose of getting bicycles up and over a height of at least 25
We have a situation in Lafayette, IN where steps will be built
to get
pedestrians up to the level of an existing bridge over a river.
architects say that the degree of incline needed to get to that
would be too much to build a ramp that would accommodate
They also say that a ramp of lesser incline would be too long,
expensive, and take up too much space. Instead they want
cyclists to
get off their bikes and walk up the steps and roll their bikes
along a
narrow incline along side of the steps.
Are there any architects/engineers out there that can
help me? If not,

is anyone aware of bridges that have been built with similar
I would like to get the names, phone #s, and addresses of
that possibly can supply me with the information. Please send
your response
directly to me at [email protected]

Norm Olson
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