Interactive Network Art - Tues and Wed eve!

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Subject: Interactive Network Art - Tues and Wed eve!
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In connection with the SIGGRAPH International Painting
Interactive project, the Penn Computer Graphics Research Lab
will present a demonstration of interactive network art on
Tuesday 28 July and Wednesday 29 July. Local video and
computer artists Connie Coleman and Alan Powell will be
painting on a computer linked through the Internet to the
SIGGRAPH conference in Chicago, and, from there, to other
artists around the world. This is an experiment in
international artistic collaboration, sponsored by SIGGRAPH
and the SLADE Corporation in Los Angeles.

Time: Tuesday, July 28, 7-8 pm
Wednesday, July 29, 7-8 pm
(Wed. time is subject to change-- if so, I'll post
again tomorrow)

Place: Computer Graphics Research Lab, Moore Building room
104, University of Pennsylvania.

For more info, or if you're from outside Penn and want to
attend, send email to me ([email protected]) or
call me at (215)476-7554.

Ranjit Bhatnagar

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