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Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1992 08:09:36 GMT
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Have you ever wondered any of the following??
a) what do all these funny characters mean??,
b) how do I download and view pictures?,
c) just what is a GIF/JPEG/xxx anyway?,
d) how do I post and request pictures?,
e) how do I convert from picture type X to type Y?,
f) where can I get software to make posting/unposting easier?,
g) is there a program to do <whatever> on my <machine_type>?

If so, you'll probably be very happy to know that HELP IS AVAILABLE!
For the most comprehensive source of answers to all of the above *AND
MORE!*, don't miss the dynamic, informative, and sometimes humorous
" FAQ", coming soon to a pictures newsgroup near you!
Continuous sneak previews also available in the news.answers newsgroup,
for a modest fee (the effort of looking there!)...

The FAQ is comprised of two parts: the first dealing with "general"
questions (like questions "a" through "d", above), the second getting into
the nitty-gritty details of the (possibly operating-system dependent) tools
you'll probably want to get to help you out (questions "e" through "g", above).

You can also access the FAQ parts via anonymous FTP, or through e-mail
by using the services available from a couple of mail servers. For anonymous
FTP access, you can look on either [] in the
directory /pub/usenet/news.answers, on [] in
directory NEWS.ANSWERS, on [] in directory /pub/FAQ,
or on [ or] in directory /pub/usenet. In
all cases, you'll want to get one or both of the FAQ parts named as files
"pictures-faq/part1" and "pictures-faq/part2". Both parts are also available
on [], in the gifstuff directory as FAQ.abp.1
for part 1 and FAQ.abp.2 for part 2.
For e-mail access, send a message to [email protected] with
the mail body "send usenet/news.answers/pictures-faq/part1" to get the first
part, and "send usenet/news.answers/pictures-faq/part2" for the second, or
e-mail to [email protected] with "send NEWS.ANSWERS/pictures-faq/part1"
and/or "send NEWS.ANSWERS/pictures-faq/part2" in the body of the message.

Don't settle for anything less than the best!

Well yeah, I do co-maintain it, but other than that, I have no connection
whatever with or interest in the " FAQ"!

~ deej ~ | (If I were expressing Cadence's opinions, )
Jim Howard -- [email protected] | (they'd probably make me wear a tie... )
(^:= Flames cheerfully ignored. =:^)
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