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In <[email protected]> (Trimtab ) writes:
> Where does your interest in Fuller come from and (as my philosophy
> professor, Peter Caws said to me when I wrote "Paradise in a
> Cardboard Shack" describing Fuller's paperboard dome as a solution
> to `houselessness') "what are you going to do with it?"

I'll take this! (it is very good to see 'Trimtab' on this list! Where
can we get a copy of that paper?)

My own first exposure to Fuller came through composer John Cage's
books, which lead to Marshal McLuhan's and Bucky as natural
progressions --- to a young kid from Winnipeg, this trio was to ever
caste me among the wierd-of-thought ;-) ... I later discovered Sun Ra
and the cast was set in stone :-)

I didn't much consider Fuller other than for his economics theories
and a few of his smaller books (the epic poem on Industrialization
among them), but I tinkered with domes of my own figuring, somewhat
unsuccessfully, and wondered if tensegrities, from bamboo poles and
fibre rope, might not be a solution to 3rd World homelessness (that
was until I attempted my first 'crude-precission' tensegrity ;-)

Later in my career, I met with John Cage over some plans of his for
software, and discovered his room mate at the time was another Bucky
fan, having worked extensively building tensegrity-based instruments
(using transducers to pick up the symmetric vibrations) --- I was
mostly tickled to be working with Cage and any excuse was Just Fine By
Me. We never actually got that software project going (his usual
programmer came back on-line :-( ), but Cage did introduce me to Udo
Kasemets, a champion of the Synergetics cause in the architecturally
bland city of Toronto. This was the premier collaboration of my

Udo and I have worked on a number of Fuller-based expositions,
including his geo(sono)scope world-sound-inventory, a computer
controlled 2-meter diameter LED girded earth with 15 tapeloop input,
tetrahedral quad output computer coordinated sound mixer --- we ran
out of money several times, but the beast _is_ limpingly operational
in his Toronto studio (if anyone knows an interested buyer :-).

When I met him, Udo was teaching Experimental Art at the Ontario
College of Art, and this really meant teaching kids about Bucky ---
the rest follows naturally. During the course of our main
collaborations, I read a lot of Fuller, obtained the Hugh Kenner books
and learned how to really make model domes, and also had the
tremendous benefit of Udo's long experience with all aspects of
Fuller's works.

After his retirement from OCA, we became very busy with Real Projects
for several years (including another shot at geo(sono)), and even came
very close to organizing a Symposium of Synergetics in the Arts (until
the minister responsible for our funding became embroiled (and later
aquitted) with some sort of scandal :-(.

Unfortunately, my programming work drew me away from Toronto to the
wilds of Ottawa, and later our respective lady-friends both fell into
devestating conditions; our collaborations are in a temporary limbo,
but our intentions remain.

> Has anyone read "GRUNCH of Giants".

Yes and has anyone heard any further developments on the possible link
between the electrical grids of East and West across the Bering
Straight? After that last 'war', Grunch makes most scary reading.

On related themes, and for those of you new to all this it might make
a good start, I thoroughly enjoyed "Ideas and Integrities" as an
overview of Buckythink. One Christmas I also found five copies of
"Tetrascroll" in a remaindered-book store and gave them out as gifts,
making an easy five new converts :-)

well, 71 lines of this is enough for anyone to suffer through...
Anyone else want to add to the thread?

ps anyone know what's happening with the Old Man River project?

Gary Lawrence Murphy -- [email protected] -- (613) 230-6255
"The present moment is a powerful goddess." - Goethe
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