ARCHITECTURE: Traffic Calming of Vehicles.

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On Tue, 4 Aug 92, Daniel MacKay ([email protected]) posted
>Actually- I've been following the newsgroup
> alt.planning.urban
>I thought I'd let other people know about it. There's some interesting
>discussion going on there. Something about "traffic calming" which I'd
>never heard of.

First a question: can anyone tell me how a Bitnet user can get access
to a newsgroup like alt.planning.urban. I know how to subscribe to
a LISTSERV distribution list (like URBAN-L).

"Traffic calming" is a wonderful concept that has been used with great
success in Europe and should get greater consideration in the U.S. The
basic idea is to make residential streets safer for pedestrians and
children by placing various types of impediments (landscaping and street
furniture) to slow automobile traffic to a crawl. The impediments
should not block visibility nor prevent emergency vehicle access to an
area. They do encourage drivers to slow down due to a narrowed roadway
and the necessity of avoiding objects. The desired speed is about that
of a person walking and the assumption is that drivers entering the
short residential streets that constitute these "Woonerven" or "traffic
calming zones" are only a short distance from their destinations.

I would be interested in hearing more about applications of traffic
calming in the U.S. and other measures to reduce or eliminate automobile
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