ART: Xerography.

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Here is a request for ANY information about Xerography in art, Copy culture,
and any related fields. If you know of any souces of information in
books or magazines then do drop Reed a line. I sent him a catalogue
from the Nurnberg Copyart exhibition that was organised by Emmett Williams
and Jurgen Olbrich - I am sure that several similar events have taken place
out 'there,' at some time or other. Do you know about one?

Feel free also to contact Reed Atemus for more information about this database.
Message reads...

Reed Altemus
Telematic Facilitator to the Decentralized Worldwide Networker Congress 1992

email: [email protected] OR [email protected]
tel: 207-829-3666
mail: 16 Blanchard Road
Cumberland Ctr., Maine
04021-9738 USA
Xb : a bibliographic database of the literature of xerography, (photo)copier
art, electrostatic printing and electrographic art, seeks data and materials
about the form copy art & the use of duplicative printing technologies for
cultural or artistic purposes by artists or non-artists - for input into the
Procite bibliographic software for the Macintosh. An ongoing art information
-information art project, Xb requests submissions especially in machine-
readable form but also in other media formats: periodicals, serials, newspaper
and magazine clippings, exhibition announcements and catalogs, monographs,
search printouts and information on disk, all these are of interest.
A copy of the completed bibliography or the database on diskette (Procite
databases work equally well on Mac or IBM) to each contributor along
with some sort of documentation of the process and a list of participants.

Submissions via mailways, telephone or Bitnet/Internet/ Well to:

c/o Reed Altemus
email:[email protected] OR
[email protected]
mail: 16 Blanchard Road
Cumberland Ctr., Maine
04021-97 USA
phone: (207)829-3666
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