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Try Gophering to:
This is the location file for gopher Output Magazine

Name=Output Magazine -- UT Austin Edition

Sample Gopher Menu on Output Magazine

Internet Gopher Information Client v0.9
Output Magazine -- UT Austin Edition

1. An Information file to READ first on Output.
2. ArtCom Magazines/
3. Council for Public Media, Media Monitor/
4. Electronic Frontier Foundation/
5. Fine Arts, Science and Technology/
6. Inter Relay Chat (IRC) Info/
7. Leonardo Electronic News/
8. Multi-User Dimension (MUD)/
9. Output Design with Graphic Files/
10. Usenet (Gopher Style) from Mich. State/
11. Various ASCII Newsletters/
12. Virtual Reality Space/
13. What's Internet and FTP? What's Design about it?/
14. Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (WELL)/
send interface input to [email protected]
send requests for submission of design GIFs to [email protected]
not pictures DESIGNs .jpegs, short (small) quicktime movies,
hypercard stacks, etc. accepted. Mail is not the best way to transfer
large files so send info as a requests for submission and we will get
back to u. Output is DESIGN not an X-picture space, unless it's art:)


Jay Ashcraft voice: 512-459-1366
204 West 44th St. fax: 1-800-AFAX-MSG 420-9580 # #
Austin,Tx 78751-3705 e-mail: [email protected]
[email protected] (peacenet)
Wake Up, Be here, Now [email protected] (well)
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