ART: Sculpture Workshop. Montreal, Canada.

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Someone asked for info re. computers and sculpture awhile back.
This was posted on Leonardo Electronic News:

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< NEWS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Technical Workshops for Sculptors to be held in Montreal, Canada

The International Sculpture Center (ISC) presents its fourth intensive,
technical workshop program, TECHshops in Montreal, Canada. The TECHShops
program will take place over four days, from Friday October 30th through
Monday, November 2nd, 1992. After very successful TECHshops progams in
Cleveland, San Antonio, and Philadelphia the ISC is delighted to offer
its first TECHshops outside of the U.S.

The TECHshops series is designed to provide artists with an opportunity
to explore various methods and techniques while giving participants a
chance to network and share ideas with other arts professionals. The
Montreal workshops are being hosted by Concordia University and Espace
Verre and in conjunction with Centre Canadien d'Architecture/Canadian
Center for Architecture and Le Conseil de la Sculpture du Quebec.

Besides the technical training, participants will enjoy the rare opportunity
to network with over 100 artists participating in the workshops. The
TECHshops program will include: 14 concurrent four-day workshops, a
lecture by artist/author/lecturer Lillian Schwartz discussing her book
"The Computer Artist's Handbook", a special reception at the Canadian
Center for Architecture, a multi-media survey presentation "The Computer:
A Tool for Sculpture" followed by a panel discussion with artists Tim
Duffield, Rob Fisher and Greg Garvey.

For more workshop and registration information contact Rene Hepfer,
Program Development Coordinator at International Sculpture Center,
P.O. Box 91110, Washington, D.C. 20077-7320, tel. 202-965-6066,
fax 202-965-7318.
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