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DIVERS-L on [email protected] Diversity Concerns Exchange
or [email protected]

Link up all persons with diversity concerns for exchange of
information. We are interested in persons of all backgrounds,
including African American, Asian Pacific American, Hispanic/Latino
American, Alaskan Native/American Indian...Caucasian American,
Foreign (nonimigrant), including genders. In terms of particular
academic needs, we would like to have representative ethnic inputs
into various academic programs.

While the founders of the list are in the architectural area, they
intend the list to be general. Specific uses could be in terms of
studio design problems, lecturers, exhibits, etc. We would hope that
we could enrich our studies in this way rather than focusing on any
particular group. We believe that every culture in America has
something of value to contribute to the whole of American culture.

To subscribe to the DIVERS-L list send e-mail to [email protected] on
BITNET or [email protected] with the BODY of the mail
containing the command:

SUB DIVERS-L your full name

SUB DIVERS-L Eldridge Franklin

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