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In <[email protected]> [email protected] (Claude W. Van Horn) writes:

>Since this is the only newsgroup I could find that talked about anything
>Bucky did, I ws wondering if it was O.K. to discuss other of his theories
>besides the Geodesic Dome?

>I was particularly interested in the book Critical Path, and its aplication
>to the world situation we are now in, where people exceed usefull jobs.

>Any comments?

I've always liked Bucky's assertion that, contrary to common opinion, there
are enough resources on Spaceship Earth ( :-) to give every human adequate
living conditions. With systematic application of scientific and technological
principles, we can give everyone food, shelter, and education. Each person
would have the option of working or not, learning or not, but everyone would
be given basic needs.

The part of the above statement that hits the nerve of the "working American"
is that noone would be forced to work in order to "make a living". Many people
think that noone should get anything for free. But if the resources are
available, they should be used for the purpose of diminishing human
sufferring and increasing human productivity.

Yes, I said _increasing_. I also agree with Fuller's assertion that if people
were not enslaved by the work they have to do to "make a living", and if
they were given the opportunity to do self-directed learning in any field
they wished, they would not become lazy, but become highly productive.
They would work in a field that they liked, at a pace that they liked, without
the restrictions imposed by the need to make money. The motivation to work
would be a combination of a natural desire to improve oneself and a
socially imposed desire to gather more material goods (although this desire
would slowly work it's way out of the collective consciousness as it was
replaced by the first).

Please don't flame me if you find that something ommitted or unclear
(feel free, of course, to ask me nicely to elucidate :-)). This is just
a quick overview off the top of my head.

Fuller has written quite a bit about these ideas, with much more skill than
I have. I recommend going to the nearest library and reading everything by

Steven Ourada
Steven Ourada Member of the Students for Electronic Freedom
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