Khoros Workshop @ Visualization 92

You may be able to find something of interest to you in this workshop.
Probably most of it is unrelated to your specific interests. Howard

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Date: Thu, 10 Sep 92 17:44:58 GMT
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If you want to attend the Khoros Workshop, here is what you should do. E-Mail
[email protected] that you plan on attending the workshop.
In the message, give an indication of what you would like to learn by
attending. The fee listed below must be paid at the conference, they are
not allowing pre-payment of workshop fees, and we are responsible for
giving the Conference administrators a list of attendees.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Visualization 92 Conference Announcement that you might
have seen posted or printed does not properly explain the procedure for
attending the Khoros workshop. It is open for any one that wants to attend.
You do not have to pay the Visualization 92 Conference fee to attend the
Khoros Workshop, but it is highly recommended. It is going to be a great

The $50.00 fee pays for the setup costs, lunch, and snacks during breaks.

Also, I am looking for one more presentation - especially in the
collaboration area.

The proper procedure for attending the Khoros Workshop is below ....

John Rasure


Tuesday, October 20, 1992
Boston Park Plaza Hotel
Boston Massachusetts
Cost $50.00 (Workshop Registration)

Sponsored by Sun Microsystems

The purpose of the workshop is to disseminate as much information as
possible to the visualization community about Khoros from those that
use Khoros. There is growing interest in and use of Khoros for
visualization because: 1) it is an open system and 2) it is a software
environment that is appropriate for many visualization disciplines. A
workshop attendee will take away a basic understanding of what Khoros
is, what the future of Khoros holds, and how the community is using it.

The workshop will have four components: 1) introductory remarks and
overview of the presentations, 2) presentations from the user
community, 3) Khoros toolkits and internals, and 4) open discussions in
the morning and afternoon.

8:30 - Introductory Remarks and Workshop Overview

John Rasure, the Khoros Project Director, will present the
workshop schedule and discuss any necessary administrative

8:50 - User Community Presentations

Georges Grinstein, V.G. Prakash, R. Erbacher,
Institute for Visualization and Perception Research
"Modifying and Using Khoros for Building Interactive Closed
Form Imaging Applications"

Pascal Adam,
French Atomic Commission (CEA),
"Khoros as the High Level Programming Language for the
SIMD Image Accelerator SYMPATI2"

Patrick Arnoul,
Esprit (CEA),
"Automatic Road Tracking for Autonomous Mobile Robot"

9:50 to 10:00 Morning Break

10:00 - User Community Presentations

Pat Kelly,
Los Alamos National Laboratory,
"Manipulating Remotely-Sensed Data With Khoros"

Bill Butler,
Beth Israel Hospital,
"Optical Sectioning Microscopy and the Restoration
of Fluorescence Microscopy Images"

Stefan Herr,
European Molecular Biology Laboratory,
"An image acquisition and processing system for biological
applications using a cooled slow scan CCD camera developed in
the Khoros Software Environment"

11:30 Open Discussion

This open discussion period will focus on the morning presentations
The presenters will act as a panel.

12:00 - 1:00 Lunch

1:00 - User Community Presentations

Roberto Lotufo,
University of Campinas,
"Extending the Khoros System to Support 3D Imaging in
Biomedical Computing"

Chuck Hansen,
Los Alamos National Laboratory,
"Comparison of Data Models"

Wes Bethel,
Lawrence Berkeley laboratory,
"Geometry and 3D Visualization in Khoros"

2:30 Open Discussion

This open discussion period will focus on the afternoon presentations.
The presenters will act as a panel.

3:00 to 3:15 Afternoon Break

3:15 Khoros 2.0 Toolkits and Internals

Khoros 2.0 is planned for release in mid 1993, these
presentations will describe implementation details of the new
system. There will be three, 20 minute presentations given by
the Khoros Group on the following topics:

Mark Young,
"Heterogeneous Distributed Computing"

Danielle Argiro,
"X Applications and Visualization Toolkit"

Tom Sauer,
"Toolbox Building to Extend Khoros"

Closing Remarks and Continued Open Discussion

For more Information, contact: Khoros Group
Department of EECE
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque NM, 87131

phone: 505-277-6563
fax: 505-277-1439
e-mail: [email protected]
Dr. John Rasure [email protected]
Khoros Project Director
University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM 87131
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