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In <[email protected]> [email protected] writes:
> I just wanted to come back and say that while I have many
> doubts about capitalism being the BEST system, I think it
> is the best thing going, and certainly (in my mind) beats
> communism or socialism which clearly do not motivate the
> individual to strive for their own perfection.

How would you know? Fuller maintained the capitalist, or more
precisely the industrialist method was by far the best, but he had
devestating documentation to suggest what we in the western world have
is _not_ either democratic or free-enterprise. Read Grunch of Giants
and get back to us with your reactions ;-)

> I am not so much a believer in capitalism and democracy
> as I am an enemy of communism and dictatorships. And I
> have become bitter by the tidy numbing euphemisms I keep
> hearing like how the homeless are people who "have fallen
> through the cracks".

This is, in Fuller's view, because we expect our governments to do
something about it. This has never, in the history of mankind, been
the mandate of any government. If the homeless bother you, what are
YOU doing about it. Fuller shows precisely how one penniless
individual can make a difference. The journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step.

> There is one thing I DO know: my mind is just as imprisoned
> as that of Michael Milken or anybody else I would prop up
> as my enemy, and what I REALLY need is not a gun but a
> MAP. So far, I haven't heard anyone who is able to point
> the way in a manner that enough people of differing beliefs
> can agree to follow together.

According to the stats presented at the WorldGame I attended last
year, a mere one-quarter of the world military expenditures for that
year would, if equitably distributed, give every one of the 5 billion
members of humanity a lifestyle Donald Trump would envy. Do that, and
you will have a lot more agreement in the world --- it is hard to
negotiate with a man when he is hungry, harder still when his children
are starving.

> OK, that's my clarifier, now back to the question: what
> is Fuller's plan?

Read Ideas and Integrities or the Operating Manual for Spaceship
Earth. It is all still possible, but only by personal initiative.

Gary Lawrence Murphy -- [email protected] -- (613) 230-6255
"The present moment is a powerful goddess." - Goethe
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