GENERAL: VR. Animation on the IBM PC.

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> Is this the best way to create cheap easy graphics without a SGI

This solution isn't exactly cheap but ... Apparently SGI makes a video
card for PCs called the IrisVision. The card comes with drivers for CAD
programs as well as a full C library similar to their own workstations
(cost is ~ $2000 Canadian).

My friend saw a demo and described it as follows. They had a wireframe
house consisting of about 100,000 vectors done in a CAD program. While
a typical rendering (shading, texture mapping, hidden lines, etc.)
program took 8 hours to do the calculations, IrisVision could do 5 per
second! This is 2nd hand info but I'm going for a demo this week.


Darran Edmundson
[email protected]
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