GENERAL: Animation on the Amiga. Economy.

This is probably the best way to go, if you want to keep cost down.

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> I'm doing some ray tracing experimention on my 386.. I'm using PoV.
> As with any simple public domain ray tracing program, it uses a
>programming-type language to place spheres, apply textures, place the
>camera and light sources, etc. The pictures are nice.
> But I grew up (I'm an undergrad) playing with Sculpt-animate on the
>Amiga, so I'm spoiled by the nice GUI interface it had. Are there any
>3d modelling programs out there for the IBM? I know of the Autodesk 3d
>studio package, but I don't have even that much money. It must be public
>domain. It also has to ouput a file in some form usable by a public
>domain raytracer. It does me no good to look at a wire frame goblet on my
>screen if I can't render it to photorealism....

I guess it is still less expensive for you to buy Amiga and get some good
PD software than to try to buy MSDOS compatible software.

> Ultimately, I want to create the scenes on my IBM, animate them, then dump
>all the scene and script files to PoV (or Rayshade) to my Unix account, then
>render late at night when the processing time is fastest (and I have the
>least chance of pissing off other users).
> Is this the best way to create cheap easy graphics without a SGI

No. The best way to create cheap easy graphics without SGI is to use
Amiga for that. I do it that way. I have SGIs, Suns, PC, even IBM PVS
to work it out and still by far the cheapest way to obtain high end
graphics is to do it on Amiga. You can get a quality software in PD
if you want or pay a little to get supported, quality (high end) software.
By saying a little I compare it to what we have on Workstations or PCs or Macs.

BTW, Sculpt is not state of the art on Amiga anymore. Try to look for newer

Good luck,

Dariusz Bolski

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