GENERAL: Animation Schools.

If yo really get into it, then here are a couple of schools to
consider... Howard

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Subject: Animation Schools
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About Animation schools.... I am a graphic artist type and I am planning
on applying toAnimation programs for next year.

The following schools have Animation MFA's

California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts)
and possibly some place in Ontario named Sheridan, but am looking into it.

I don't know of anyone else who offers an animation degree in an artistic
setting. However, a lot of film programs do offer enough animation for
one to get educated on it. In the Animation prgrams at the above-mentioned
schools, the goal is to make the candidate a good filmmaker in all senses,
so department members will write scripts and do live-action stuff as well.
I am applying to at least 8 schools with the hopes of becoming an animator.
That's about the size of it. If anyone knows any differently, let me know!!

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