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[email protected] (Mike Salisbury) writes:
>I visited a company in Vancouver, British Columbia last week which teaches
>animation techniques. It appears that the students use PC's for the most
>part, with final rendering performed on an SGI Iris Indigo workstation.
>The software they use on the SGI machine was quite impressive, but I don't
>know if the students really get to use it.
>Anyway, here's the information for anybody who's interested:
>DigiPen Computer Graphics, Inc.
>530 Hornby Street
>Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6C 2E7
>(604) 682-0300
>FAX (604) 682-0310
>-- Mike Salisbury

As of last year, when I last visited DigiPen, they were committed to
Autodesk Animator (and associated software) on high-end 486 boxes.
Part of their commitment to students was that they would purchase a
new machine for every two new students (i.e. there would always be a
maximum of 2 students per machine). Tuition is on the order of $10k,
but that is, according to DigiPen (and I wouldn't know), cheap considering
what they offer in terms of training, actual video production, and
future portfolio-building.

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