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In article <[email protected]> [email protected]
>I grabbed this list of animation schools from rec.arts.animation
>back in May. It was posted by [email protected] (Joe C Solinsky)
>and I am re-posting it in this group without his knowledge or
>permission. This list was originally compiled or distributed by
>Bill Matthews who works for Disney, I believe.
>The list was meant for people with an interest in traditional
>animation so you will have to contact the schools themselves to
>see if they also offer computer animation courses.
>5. Kansas City Art Institute
>Jack Lew : Co-Chairman, Design
>4415 Warwick Blvd.
>Kansas City, MO 64111
>Beatrice Rivas Sanchez, President

I wouldn't consider the Kansas City Art Institute seriously for a
career in animation - I wasted a year of my time doing "repair work"
on the education of several graduates of that school.

Chris Williams
[email protected]
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