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From: [email protected] (Richard Barry Ling)
Subject: Re: Anyone using stereo 3-D?
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Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1992 03:48:28 GMT
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[email protected] (R. Wade Schuette) writes:

>Just curious about who in the world is doing what with low-end
>stereoscopic 3-D on amiga's or PC's or Mac's or Suns or whatever's
>low-end for you. (like, using Sega glasses, not StereoGraphics
>CrystalEyes or a pair of microscopic Televisions attached to ... ) .

I'm currently experimenting on Amiga using (low tech alert!) red/blue 3D
glasses. The effect is very good with bitmapped graphics and superb with 3D
vector objects, although since I have to generate two images for a single
frame, a little more processing power would be appreciated...

Hopefully I'll soon finish a flight simulator/shoot-em-up demo using this
technique. Red/blue is such a simple concept, it's surprising it's not used
more often. The only disadvantage is the monochrome effect - colour would be
very nice (in fact, a VDU that could produce polarised light would be even
nicer :-) )

Another technique is displaying two full-colour images next to each other,
and looking at one with each eye. I find this easy to do, but it seems to
give some people a headache... :-(

Anyone know anywhere in Australia supplying red/blue glasses? The things
seem to be designed to disintegrate after a few short weeks of use...

Richard Ling [email protected]
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