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GENERAL: ED - MEDIA 93 Conference.

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* E D - M E D I A 9 3 *
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* June 23-26, 1993 *
* Orlando, Florida, USA *
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* Papers Panels Posters *
* Workshops Demonstrations *
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ED-MEDIA 93 -- World Conference on Educational Multimedia and
Hypermedia is an international conference sponsored by the Association
for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). This annual
conference serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the dissemination
of information on the research, development, and applications of
multimedia and hypermedia for all levels of education.

We invite you to participate in the ED-MEDIA 93 Conference by
submitting proposals for papers, workshops, panels, and
demonstrations/posters. All proposals are reviewed for inclusion in
the conference program.

The Conference welcomes research, development and application proposal
submissions on all topics related to multimedia and hypermedia for all
disciplines and levels of education.

Conference History
The ED-MEDIA conference series ties together a number of strands of
activities that have been present since about 1985. The two major ones
are activities of AACE in the area of educational multimedia and
hypermedia (one result of these activities is the new Journal of
Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia) and the ICCAL Conference
series. ICCAL, (International Conference on Computers and Learning),
has been held as a major international symposium four times, in
Calgary, CANADA (1987), Dallas, USA (1989), Hagen, GERMANY (1990), and
in Wolfville, CANADA (1992).

Due to the increasing popularity of ICCAL, a yearly interval and a
more solid organizational base was deemed necessary. Discussions
between ICCAL and AACE have led to the creation of the ED-MEDIA
conference series. Thus, ED-MEDIA 93 is considered the fifth in a
series of meetings, formerly called ICCAL. The stronger conference
emphasis on multimedia and hypermedia reflects recent developments in
the field.

Information for Participation
- All communication will be with the proposal's principal presenter.
This person is responsible for communicating with the presenters of
that session.
- The conference will attempt to secure all equipment needed for
presenters. However, where special equipment is needed, presenters
may be asked to bring their own equipment.

Accepted papers will be published by AACE in the Advancement of
Computing in Education book series. Books in this series serve as
major source documents indicating the current state of computer
technology in education.


Steering Committee
Chair: Hermann Maurer, (Graz University of Technology, Graz, AUSTRIA)
David Jonassen (University of Colorado, Denver, CO, USA)
Gary Marks (AACE, Charlottesville, VA, USA)
Douglas Norrie (University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA)
Thomas Ottmann (University of Freiburg, Freiburg, GERMANY)

1993 Program Committee
Philip Barker (Teesside Polytechnic, Cleveland, UK)
Ian D. Benest (University of York, UK)
Marc H. Brown (DEC Systems Res. Center, Palo Alto, CA, USA)
Patricia A. Carlson (Rose Hulman Inst. of Tech., Terre Haute, IN, USA)
Neal S. Coulter (Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, USA)
Gordon Davies (Open University, Milton Keynes, UK)
Thomas W. Greaves (IBM, Atlanta, GA, USA)
Kristina Hooper-Woolsey (Apple Multimedia Lab, San Francisco, CA, USA)
Wolfgang Irler (University of Trento, ITALY)
David Jonassen (University of Colorado, Denver, CO, USA)
Greg Kearsley (George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA)
Gyoesoe Kovacs (SZAMALK, Budapest, HUNGARY)
Gary Marchionini (University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA)
Gary Marks (AACE, Charlottesville, VA, USA)
Hermann Maurer (Graz University of Technology, Graz, AUSTRIA)
Cliff McKnight (HUSAT Research Institute, Edinburgh, UK)
Max Muehlhaeuser (University of Kaiserslautern, GERMANY)
Douglas Norrie (University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA)
Graham Oberem (University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA)
Tim O'Shea (Inst. of Educational Tech., Open Univ., Milton Keynes, UK)
Setsuko Otsuki (Kyushu Institute of Technology, JAPAN)
Thomas Ottmann (University of Freiburg, GERMANY)
Thomas Reeves (University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA)
Ivan Tomek (Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, CANADA)
Beverly Woolf (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USA)
Nicole Yankelovich (Sun Microsystems, Billerica, MA, USA)

Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)
AACE (established in 1981) is a non-profit, international organization
whose purpose is to advance the knowledge and quality of learning and
teaching at all levels through the encouragement of scholarly inquiry
related to computing and education and the dissemination of research
results and their applications through publications and conferences.

AACE publishes five journals:
Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia in Education
Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education
Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching
Journal of Technology and Teacher Education
Journal of Computing in Childhood Education

AACE Conferences include:
ED-MEDIA--World Conference on Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia
AI-ED--World Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education
STATE--Annual Conference on Technology and Teacher Education

International Headquarters:
AACE, P.O. Box 2966, Charlottesville, VA 22902 USA
E-mail: [email protected], (804) 973-3987, FAX: (804) 978-7449


The Technical Program includes a wide range of interesting and useful
activities designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and
information. The program includes invited talks, paper presentations,
poster sessions, workshops, and panel discussions.

Papers (25 minutes)
Papers present reports of significant work or integrative reviews in
research, development, and applications related to educational
multimedia and hypermedia.

All presented papers will be considered by the Program Committee for
Best Paper Awards in several categories. Awarded papers will be
invited for publication in the Journal of Educational Multimedia and

Submissions: Papers should include a cover page and an extended
abstract of at least 2500 words or full paper. The cover page should
include the title of the paper with presenter names, affiliations,
complete addresses, phone numbers, and E-mail address of the principal
presenter. Papers may be submitted in hard copy, printed form (send 5
copies) or in electronic form. Electronic proposals are preferred and
must be in ASCII format. Final papers must be submitted in photo-
reproducible form according to specifications made available upon

Each 25-minute session should include 5 minutes for discussion. Each
proposal must state what AV equipment is needed.

Submit to:
Hermann Maurer
c/o AACE
P.O. Box 2966
Charlottesville, VA 22902 USA
E-mail: [email protected], (804) 973-3987, Fax: (804) 978-7449

Panels (1 or 1.5 hours)
A panel offers an opportunity for 3-5 people to present their views or
results on a common theme, issue, or question. Panels should cover
timely topics related to the conference areas of interest. Panel
selection will be based on the importance, originality, focus, and
timeliness of the topic, as well as the potential for informative (and
even controversial) discussion. Panels should have no more than 5
members, including the chair, and should be planned for 1 or 1.5 hours
in length.

Submissions: Panel proposals should include:
- A description of the panel topic, including why this topic is
important to ED-MEDIA Conference attendees; no more than 1 page.
- A brief position statement of each panelist; no more than 1 page

A cover sheet should include the panel title, panelists' names and
affiliations, and the panel organizer's name, affiliation, address, e-
mail address and phone number. Indicate the panel time required; 1 or
1.5 hours. Electronic proposals are preferred and must be in ASCII

Submit to:
Marc H. Brown
DEC Systems Research Center
130 Lytton Ave.
Palo Alto, CA USA
E-mail: [email protected], (415) 853-2152, Fax: (415) 324-4873

Demonstrations/Posters (1 hour)
Demonstration/Poster sessions enable researchers and non-commercial
developers to demonstrate and discuss their latest results and
development in progress in order to gain feedback and to establish
contact with similar projects. Demonstration/Poster sessions do not
involve a formal presentation.

Submissions: Demonstration/Poster proposals should include a 3-page or
less written description of the planned demonstration/poster and
should emphasize the problem; what was done; and why the work is
important. It should be clear from the proposal the advantages of
presenting the material in the form of a demonstration/poster rather
than a paper. The cover page should include the title of the session
with presenter names, affiliations, complete addresses, phone numbers,
and E-mail address of the principal presenter. Electronic proposals
are preferred and must be in ASCII format.

Demonstration/Poster presenters will be required to arrange for their
own systems software and hardware.

Submit to:
Greg P. Kearsley
Educational Computing Lab
George Washington Univ.
2201 G Street NW #502
Washington, DC 20052 USA
E-mail: [email protected]
(703) 837-2273, Fax: (202) 994-5870

Workshops (3 or 6 hours)
Workshops are intended to enhance the skills and broaden the
perspective of their attendees. Workshops should be designed to
provide advanced technical training in an area or to introduce a
rigorous framework for learning a new area. Workshops will be
selected on the basis of the instructors' qualifications for teaching
the proposed workshop and the contribution of the workshop to the
overall conference program.

Submissions: Proposals should include a clear description of the
workshop objectives, the intended audience, the length (3 hours or 6
hours), a 200-word abstract, a 1-page topical outline of the workshop
content, and a description of the instructor's qualifications for
teaching the proposed workshop. Each proposal must state what AV
equipment is needed. Electronic proposals are preferred and must be in
ASCII format.

Submit to:
Thomas Reeves
Instructional Technology
607 Aderhold Hall
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602 USA
E-mail: [email protected], (404) 542-3810, Fax:(404)542-2321

Exhibits will be an integral part of the ED-MEDIA Conference and will
be conveniently located near the sessions. Companies or institutions
offering multimedia and hypermedia products and services are invited
to showcase these products in conference exhibition booths and special
exhibitor sessions.

For exhibitor information, contact AACE.

Travel and Hotel Arrangements
Special discount airfares will be available from a designated official
carrier. Special conference room rates will be available to attendees
at the conference hotel. Information regarding travel and hotel
arrangements will be included in the registration materials.

Orlando, Florida with its many attractions has become one of the most
popular vacation destinations in the world. While in Orlando, you may
wish to take advantage of the many theme parks and activities. Walt
Disney World showcases five theme parks: the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT
Center ("Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow"), includes
Future World pavilions, sponsored by major American corporations and
World Showcase, presenting an image of life in 11 countries,
Disney/MGM Studios, Typhoon Lagoon, a new water-thrill park, and
Pleasure Island, an After-dark park with seven kinds of nightclubs.

Other attractions in the area include: Kennedy Space Center, Universal
Studios, Sea World, Wet 'n Wild water activities park, and many golf
courses, shops, restaurants, and more. For more information, write
the Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau, 7208 Sand Lake
Rd, Ste. 300, Orlando, FL 32819.

| ED-MEDIA 93 Deadlines (postmark dates) |
| |
| Submit Proposals: October 15, 1992 |
| Acceptance of Proposals: January 15, 1993 |
| Receipt of Final Papers: March 1, 1993 |
| Pre-Registration: May 15, 1993 |
| |


Name: _________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________



City/State/Zip: _______________________________________________

Country: ______________________________________________________

Please send me:
__ Conference registration materials
__ Exhibitor/Sponsor information
__ Brochure on AACE and the Journal of Educational Multimedia and

I plan to submit a proposal for a:
__ Paper __ Workshop
__ Panel __ Demo./Poster

Provisional Title: ______________________________________________



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