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Subject: FREE-ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES For Urban Planning
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For decades, the various energy companie$ have been
COLLUDING with each other, [and probably also with the
national and international banker$, governments, news media,
"scientific" establishment, and "education" systems], to
successfully ignore or even SUPPRESS several kinds of "FREE-
Energy" technology. Government intervention is needed to
stimulate research, development, and mass production of these

Free-Energy devices probably do not create energy, but
rather tap into EXISTING natural energy sources by various
forms of induction. Unlike solar or wind devices, they need
little or no storage capacity, because they can tap as much
energy as needed whenever needed.

For example, at least three U.S. patents (#3,811,058,
#3,879,622, and #4,151,431) have so far been awarded for
motors that run EXCLUSIVELY on PERMANENT MAGNETS, apparently
tapping into energy circulating through the Earth's magnetic
field. The first two require a feedback network in order to
be self-running. The third one, (as described in detail in
"Science & Mechanics" magazine, Spring 1980), requires
critical sizes, shapes, orientations, and spacings of
magnets, but no feedback. Such a motor could drive an
electric generator or reversible heatpump in one's home, year
round, FOR FREE.
[Complete descriptive copies of U.S. patents were $1.00 each
from the U.S. Patent Office, correct 7-digit patent numbers
required. Or try getting copies via a university or public
inter-library loan dept..].

A second type of Free-Energy device, such as the "Gray
Motor" (U.S. Patent #3,890,548), the Tesla Coil, and the
unpatented motor of inventor Joseph Newman, taps electro-
magnetic energy by induction from "Earth resonance" (about 12
cycles per second).

During the 1930's, an Austrian civil engineer named
Viktor Schauberger invented and partially developed an
"IMPLOSION TURBINE" (German name, "ZOKWENDLE"). As described
Dan A. Davidson, 1977, water is pumped by an IMPELLER pump
through a LOGARITHMIC-SPIRAL-shaped coil of tubing until it
reaches a CRITICAL VELOCITY. The water then implodes, no
longer touching the inside walls of the tubing, and drives
the pump, which then converts the pump's motor into an
electric generator. The device seems to be tapping energy
from that of the Earth's rotation, via the "Coriolis effect",

A fourth type of Free-Energy device is the "McClintock
AIR MOTOR" (U.S. Patent #2,982,261), which is a cross between
a diesel engine (it has three cylinders with a compression
ratio of 27 to 1) and a rotary engine (with solar and
planetary gears). It burns NO fuel, but becomes self-running
by driving its own air compressor. This engine also
generates a lot of heat, which could be used to heat
buildings. [David McClintock is also the REAL original
inventor of the automatic transmission, differential, and 4-
wheel drive.]

Crystals may someday be used to supply energy, as shown
in the Star Trek shows, perhaps by bombarding them with a
beam of particles from a small radioactive source.

One other energy source should be mentioned here,
despite the fact that it does not fit the definition of Free-
Energy. A Bulgarian-born American Physicist named Joseph
Maglich has invented and partially developed an atomic FUSION
reactor which he calls "Migma", which uses NON-radioactive
deuterium as a fuel [available in nearly UN-limited
quantities from sea water], does NOT produce radioactive
waste, can be converted DIRECTLY into electricity (without
energy-wasting steam turbines), and can be constructed small
enough to power a house or large enough to power a city or
spaceship. And UN-like the "Tokamaks" and laser fusion
monstrosities that we read about, Migma WORKS, already
producing at least three watts of power for every watt put
in. ["New Times" (U.S. version), 6-26-78, pages 32-40.]

--------> Free-Energy technology is in much the same situation now
as aviation was ninety years ago. At that time, everybody
"knew" that a heavier-than-air machine could not possibly
fly. It would violate the "Laws" of physics. All the
"experts" and "authorities" said so. Most present "experts"
and "authorities" today say the same things about Free-Energy
technology. Now we take airplanes for granted (except when
they crash). But Free-Energy technology has the added
problem of some very powerful VE$TED INTERE$T$, who are
trying to prevent its use by means of such tactics as the
FALSE ISSUE of "perpetual motion", wide publicity of hoaxes,
and even VIOLENCE against the inventors.

In terms of economics, the market has FAILED. Inventors
do not have enough money and other resources to fully develop
and mass-produce Free-Energy equipment, and the conventional
energy producer$ have no desire to do so. The government is
needed to intervene. If the government does not intervene,
then the total supply of energy resources from the Earth will
continue to decline and will soon run out, prices for energy
will increase, and POLLUTION and its harmful effects
(including the "GREENHOUSE EFFECT") will continue to

The government should SUBSIDIZE research and development
by Inventors and universities, subsidize private production
(until the producers can make it on their own), and subsidize
consumption by low-income consumers of Free-Energy hardware.

The long-range effects of such government intervention
would be wide-spread and profound. The quantity of energy
demanded from conventional energy producer$ (coal mining
companie$, oil companie$ and countries, electric utilitie$,
etc.), would drop to near zero, forcing their employees to
seek work elsewhere. Energy resources (coal, uranium, oil,
and gas) would be left in the ground. Prices for
conventional energy supplies would also drop to near zero,
while the price of Free-Energy equipment would start out high
but drop as supply increases (as happened with VCR's,
personal computers, etc.). Costs of producing products that
require large quantities of energy to produce would decrease,
along with their prices to consumers. Consumers would be
able to realize the "opportunity costs" of paying electric
utility bill$ or buying home heating fuel. Tourism would
benefit and increase because travelers would not have to
spend their money for ga$oline for their cars. Government
tax revenue from gasoline and other fuels would have to be
obtained in some other way. AND ENERGY COULD NO LONGER BE

Many conventional energy producer$ would go out of
bu$ine$$, but society as a whole would benefit greatly. It
is the People that government should serve, rather than the
big corporation$ and bank$.


Robert E. McElwaine
B.S., Physics, UW-EC
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