GENERAL: Visual and Verbal Semiotics. Chicago Meeting.

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Please announce: schedule of meetings, Commission on Semiotics, Speech
Communication Association annual national meeting, October 29-Nov.1,'92
Hilton, Chicago
[abbreviated version]

4-5:20 pm/Conf rm 5b
"Semiotic Determinism and Visual Signs: Towards a Theory of Textual
Determinism. . ." B. King, Widener U.
"Semiotics, Reversibility, and the Implicate (Enfolded) Order" J. Gemin, U.
Wisc. Oshkosh
"C.S. Peirce and the Analytic Destruction of Argument:. . . " T. Puckett,
E. Wash U.
ch: J. Lundy, U. of Wisc.; resp: R. Lanigan, SIU

Fri.,10/30 2:30-3:50 pm, Conf.rm 5e
"World Beat: Returning Culture Through Integral Music" K. Williams, OU
"Hispanic TV: The Emergence of a Third Text" E. Lozano, OU
"Signs in Transition" A. Mickunas, OU
ch: J. Tumas-Serna, Hollins Coll; resp: D. Descutner, OU

Fri., 10/30 7-8:20 pm, Conf. rm 5b
"A Semiotic Perspective on the Structure of Recovery" R. Slagle, CSU
"Enduring Messages: A communicative Semiotic of Walls" A. Harris,
N. McChesney,CSU, Northridge
"The Poetic Function of 'Going Home'" M. Kaiser, SIU
ch: R. Wolin, Babson Coll; resp. E. Peterson, U. Maine

Sat. 10/31 Business Meeting 8:30-9:50 am Conf. Rm. 5a

Sat. 10/31 11:30-12:50 pm Conf. Rm. 5i
"TV as icon and Index, and Something Else Entirely: R. Gozzi, Jr., Bradley U.
"Discursive Structure and Discursive Practice: Social Action Implications. .
. " G. Schoening, LaSalle U.
" The Advertising Function of Newspaper Photographs" A. Himsl, U. Maine,
ch: R. Hobbs, Babson Coll; resp. J. Tumas-Serna, Hollins Coll

Sat. 10/31 5:30-6:50 pm Conf. rm 4b
"The Other as Alien, Monster, Robot: P. Salus, Sun User Grp.
"Race in Space: The Representation of Ethnicity in SF. . ." M. Pounds, CSU,
Long Beach
ch: A. Harris, CSU Northridge; resp. T. Puckett, E. Wash. U.

Sun. 11/1 10-11:20 am Conf. Rm 5d
"Stories as Signs: What is the Difference between Sexual Suggestion and
Violation?" R. Pietropaolo, Villanova U.
"Breaching Codes: The Aesthetic, Moral, and Social Dimensions of Sexual
Violation" L. Townsend, Villanova U.
"The Ambiguities of 'Hooking Up'" G. Mead, Villanova U.
ch: A. Smith, Villanova; resp. J. Martinez, Babson Coll

Sun. 11/1 11:30-12:50 pm, Conf. Rm 5a
"Hard Sell/Soft Sell: Computer Commercails and the Contesting of the Hegemonic
Cultural Elite" K. Kitalong, Mich. Tech. U.
"The Mismeasure of Mesomorphy: A Critical Analysis of . . Body Building"
R. Fiordo, Penn State U.
"TV News, Objectivity, and Abortion" J. Chung, OSU
ch: A. Harris, CSU, Northridge; resp. A. Smith, Villanova U.

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