GENERAL: VR and Telecommunications. Invitation.

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Howard :

As promised, I have started a seminar called "Telecomunications
and VR", with twelve undergraduate, last term students, subdivided
in three groups, each group having one student with knowledge in the
english language.

Chronologically, the seminar will be divided in two parts:
E-mail and VR. E-mail will be oriented to obtain references to VR
and to establish contact with users interested in the subject.

Second part will be how VR-less can understand VR.

Next monday at 11 am we will be hopefully doing "fingers" and
"talks" and, of course sending probes. So, if you or some of your
students are willing to exchange messages you will be warmly
greeted !

About retirement, I can understand you, I myself am only six
months away from it, although I still feel as thrilled with
experiments such as this, as if it was my first year.

Feel free to feed this invitation into your list if you
consider it proper.

Best regards,

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