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for the archives, a magazine whose back issues can be found on a bulletin
board system.


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[ Posted on 3 Oct 92 01:10:10 GMT ]

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Changed it's name a while back to Sonoma Online, SOL!BBS. It's still a
fairly interesting wide-spot in the bitstream and besides serving general
interests has a good collection of Alternative energy files, data and has
the first ten issues of Home Power m agazine online for download as well
as being the home of the moderator of the HOMEPOWR Alternative Energy
EchoConference on FidoNet. I think this is a tremendously useful use of
bandwidth and exciting stuff to have online....but then I would since I'm
sysop and aforementioned moderator.

We changed the system name a while back and kind of toned down the
apparent "Survival" aspect of the system. We feel as strongly as ever that
survival is an important topic but came to realize that our enviornment is
the most important battleground a nd that if we can't save it all other
survival considerations are useless. So we changed the name and the
content to some extent...but still have the same agenda....using the
medium to promote ourmutual survival....DCK

Internet: [email protected] FidoNet: Don Kulha @ 1:125/7
Snail: Don Kulha / Sonoma Online / POB 7518 / Santa Rosa CA 95407
Voice: +1 707 526 9473 BBS: 1 707 545 0746 HST/V32b

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