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Subject: Acknowledgment - 1st experience
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Regarding our first attempt at LTAD/FAU/UCV, Caracas, Venezuela
to establish an experimental live contact with, hitherto, virtual
collaborators :

Thank to all of you, wonderful friends, who made our first,
uncertain step in overseas educational tele-talking (not really
teleconferencing yet) an event to be remembered by all of us :

- To Rick ZOBEL (NCSU) for being the first to break through.

- To Humberto LA ROCHE (U. Maryland) for his enciclopedic
knowledge on the subject of networks.

- To Gustavo LLAVANERAS, our "distant brother" (U. Berkeley).

- To Howard LAWRENCE (Penn State U.) for encouragement and
timely list-forwarding.

- To David DURLING for attempting the unfeasible (as yet!).

- To all others whose effort may have slipped by unnoticed.

And, particularly, to Fay SUDWEEKS (U. of Sidney) for trying to
match Pacific Tuesdays (5 am) with Atlantic Mondays (4 pm), with an
admirable sense of generosity & responsibility.

Once again, on behalf of our architectural students and my own,

Thank you all ... !!!

Gonzalo Velez Jahn
LTAD Coordinator
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