GENERAL: History of Philosophy of Science. New List.

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Subject: NEW LIST: HOPOS-L - History of Philosophy of Science
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HOPOS-L on [email protected] History of Philosophy of Science
or [email protected]

HOPOS-L, the History of Philosophy of Science Discussion List, has
been established in conjunction with the new History of Philosophy of
Science Working Group (HOPOS) as a forum for the exchange of
information, ideas, queries, job notices, course syllabi, conference
announcements, and other news of interest to scholars working in
areas related to HOPOS's main focus. The discussion list will also
be used to distribute occasional HOPOS newsletters.

The topical focus of HOPOS-L is intended to be quite broad, covering
all periods in the history of the philosophy of science, from
antiquity to the twentieth century, extending to related areas of
investigation in the history of logic, mathematics, and the natural
and social sciences, and including, as well, diverse methodologies,
ranging from more internalist, history of ideas approaches to more
externalist, social and institutional history.

This is a LISTSERV managed list, so normal subscription requests
apply. To subscribe, send mail to [email protected] or on the Internet
to [email protected] with the body containing the command

SUB HOPOS-L Yourfirstname Yourlastname

Questions, comments, or suggestions concerning HOPOS-L should be
directed, offlist, to the owner.

Owner: Don Howard [email protected]
Department of Philosophy
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0027
606.257.4376 (Office)
606.258.1073 (FAX)
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