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From: [email protected] (Rick Zobel)
Subject: Immersive Environments (VR) and Design
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Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1992 18:19:22 GMT
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I am doing my thesis in part on the use of Computer Generated
Immersive Environments (CGIE) (formally Virtual Reality, which,
as a term will hopefully soon die and go away, leaving the
underlying concepts free to do what ever they may :) as a
means for representing the experience of approach, entry and
arrival to an architectural space.

In talking to many people over the course of the past three
years, I have found very few people who are interested in
CGIE's as a potential medium for architectural design. I
know of several places using architecture as a medium through
which the virtual worlds technology hardware can be tested,
but not enough to be counted on one hand who are doing
work with architecture and using the hardware as the medium.

Is there anyone out there who is doing this type of research,
or has a contact with someone who is doing this?

Thanks in advance

Rick Zobel
NCSU School of Design
Architecture Department
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