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Brighton, England

1st - 31st May 1993

A Summary of events: Friday 23rd April 1993

Although the exhibition has not opened yet, FAXes are already
arriving from as far afield as Japan and California. Thank you to
everyone who has sent FAXes to the show - your work will be on display
to the press and media at the opening party on Thursday 28th April.
Keep the FAXes coming!

The Gallery Site.

The exhibition is being staged in a large converted shop unit in
Brighton Marina. Each day that I go to the site, new paintings,
woodcuts and prints have appeared on the walls as more and more artists
arrive to set up their display areas. The "Telaesthesia" FAX ART
installation is situated in a room 12 x 20 feet in size. The walls have
now been painted a soft blue to contrast with the white sheets of paper
that will be hung over them. In two corners of the room, large
loudspeakers have been hung from the wall on chains. Piped muzak sounds
of radio transmissions, answerphone messages and other
technology-compatible sounds will be played from these speakers each day
while the show is open - to add an extra audio component to the gallery

In the next few days I will fit vents and tubes to the walls and
ceilings a la 'Brazil' (the future-world film where rooms are crammed
with tubes, cables and ducts to provide a 'comfortable' environment for
the inhabitants). Long wooden cylinders will be hung from the picture
rail that runs around the room. Your FAX art wallpaper strips will be
attached to these dowels and then hung like scrolls down the wall. My
next job is to make a set of four or five 'frames' to display FAX
artwork that has been designed specifically to investigate the theme of
Telaesthesia. These frames will probably be made from black-painted
wood, with electrical cabling, intergrated circuits and other electrical
gadgetry embellishing the edges.

Press Releases and Interviews

To date, at least two of the three local arts magazines will be carrying
an article about Telaesthesia in their May editions: no mean feat when
you consider that their are over 200 events jockeying for attention in
the Brighton Festival this year. Impact magazine has even selected the
FAX art installation as one of their top ten highlights of the May
festival! The sponsoring company, System X, have notified all national
newspapers about the event.

Next week, "Telaesthesia" invitations will be sent out to art colleges and
universities around the UK to attract contributions from students.
Local schools will also be contacted in the Sussex region. An advert in
the UK national magazine 'Artsists Newsletter' will also appear on the
streets next week. Hopefully, together, all of these different avenues
of advertisement will draw a wide range of artwork of all forms and
standards into the gallery. I cannot stress too much that although I of
course will welcome fine quality artwork - the real aim of this show is
to promote the 'Global Village' aspect of communications today, which
allow anyone who can afford the cost of the telephone call to
participate in the show.

That's all for now; expect another update closer to the opeing night of the
show, which is on 28th April (6pm - 8pm GMT).

Much love - from The Disembodied Art Gallery.

FAX ART +44 273 818352 24 hours a day, 15th April - 31st May
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