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Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1993 04:22:26 GMT
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John Olle ([email protected]) wrote:
: Please excuse me if I am using the wrong forum for this.
: My wife and I are considering the purchase of one or two relocatable
: homes to house our family of 2 adults and 5 children aged between 7 and
: 14.
: We probably cannot afford to build the house we need and are considering
: relocation.
: We wish to use our 5 acres, about 10 km from Bendigo (population ~
: 70,000).
: Does anyone have any experience or ideas relating to possible problems
: etc.?
: Most firms who relocate offer a new iron or colorbond roof and new
: concrete stumps. They rejoin the house along the cut(s). Some offer to
: replaster and to repaint.
: So far we know our Shire Council wants a bond of $10,000 Australian,
: refundable when they are happy with the end result. We will use
: electricity for hot water and perhaps heating and cooking. Alternatives
: are efficient wood fire for heating and bottle gas ( 45 kg cylinders)
: for cooking. We may need to rewire and redo the plumbing for the house(s).
: In particular what should we look for if we consider putting 2 houses
: together? I am worried that 2 houses will probably have a greater
: outside surface area than one larger house and thus be less solar
: efficient.
: Any comments? Any comments on compatibility of roof lines, ceiling
: heights, windows, exterior cladding etc.?
: Any comments, ideas would be gratefully appreciated.
: John Olle

Your project sounds very interesting, however, I need more information about
the complete context of the problem to offer any valuable advice.

For example:

-What is the climate like?
-You mention putting 2 houses together;
+What IS the house like?
(ie. Floor Plan/Sections, etc.)
-What utilities do you have access to on your property?

-Who will assume responsibility for the work performed?
-Who is the SHIRE council, why are they asking for a bond? (Bank?)
-What guarantees will you get from the relocation firm?

Fred Gibson
KMD, San Francisco
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