GENERAL: The National Electric Vehicle Competition 1993.

Last week a team of designers, planners and and engineer won a national
award in the Subject. Their design of the infrastructure for an inter-
mediate scaled community [Lancaster, Pennsylvania] was presented the award
at the National Building Design Museum, Washington, D.C. The winners works
will be on a traveling exhibition. As technology improves, the electric
vehicle will likely become more prevalent. It will reduce environmental
pollution. Telecommuting will likely play into this process; and it will
reduce pollution by almost 25%.

Team members were, as follows: Terry Burnworth, Architect, Howard Ray
Lawrence, College of Arts and Architecture, Penn State University, Jeff
Mayer, College of [Electrical] Engineering, Penn State University, Mark
Lewis [Engineer] and Anna Brienich [Planner], both planners in Harrisburg,

I am please to tell you that I was a member of that winning team. Also,
the work was visually the most artistic of any of the entries. The work
was produced in a major part by the use of Harvard Graphics and Adobe
Workshop. We had the use of a very fine and large color printer at
the university. Raymond Masters, The Computer Center, was very helpful
in the printing process.

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