visit RoboFest4 via cyberspace..

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From: [email protected] (Paco Xander Nathan)
Subject: visit RoboFest4 via cyberspace..
Summary: RoboMOO online instructions
Keywords: Austin Robot Group, EFF-Austin, MUD/MOO, Bruce Sterling
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Date: 21 May 93 09:10:20 GMT
Organization: FringeWare Inc., +1 512 477 1366
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EFF-Austin will host an "Internet Demo" in conjunction with
RoboFest4 -- the show will run in Austin's Kealing Jr. Hi.
from 12n-6p this Sat and 12n-5p this Sun.

A fine blend of Austin's local artists and engineers will
display their projects (targeted at children and developed
with City of Austin grants) throughout the show.. Robotic
blimps, pneumatic varmits, cybernetic bands, VR demos, R/C
car telepresence, etc., will roam the auditorium (about the
air, floor and stage!) Concurrent talks will discuss
building your own robots, future tech and an address by
Austin-based cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling.

There will also be a MOO running and the denizens of Internet
are invited to "attend" RoboFest4 via cyberspace.. The follow
message outlines instructions for reaching RoboMOO via telnet..

See you in cspace!

> From: [email protected] (Douglas Barnes)
> Subject: RoboFest 4 MOO
> Date: Wed, 19 May 1993 18:52:33 GMT
> RoboMOO is stable, up and running. It can be reached at
> port 7777 using the command:
> telnet port 7777
> If there are tiny-type clients available, these should work.
> [ For those who don't know what a MOO is, it stands for MUD,
> Object Oriented, where MUD stands for Multi-User Dungeon
> or Multi-User Dimension, depending on how one is obtaining
> ones' funding.]
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