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+ ........The OTIS Project......... +
+ "The Operative Term Is STIMULATE" +
---this file last updated..5-23-93---


OTIS is an electronic art-gallery spanning the length and breadth of
the computer networks of the world. A public access file-library of
hundreds of images, animations and information files for creators and
spectators of all types.

OTIS is here to distribute original creative images over the world's
computer networks for public perusal, scrutiny and retransmission.
To facilitate communication, inspiration, critique and to set the
foundations for digital immortality.

The basic idea behind "digital immortality" is that computer networks
are here to stay and that anything interesting you deposit on them
will be around near-forever. The GIFs and JPGs of today will be the
artifacts of an information-laden future. Perhaps the images will be
converted into newer formats when the current become obsolete...
perhaps only surviving on forgotten backup reels...but they'll be
there...and someone will dig them up. Data-archaeologists sifting
through the cobwebs of an old storage room.

You've all heard "a picture's worth a thousand words"...just think of
OTIS as a huge compressed archive of emotion and psychological

If that doesn't interest you... OTIS also offers a forum for critique
and exhibition of your works....a virtual art gallery that never closes
and exists in an information dimension where your submissions will hang
as wallpaper on thousands of glowing monitors. Suddenly, another life
is breathed into your work...and, by merit of it's stimulus, it will
travel the globe on pulses of light and electrons.

Spectators are welcome also, feel free to browse the gallery and
let the artists know what you think of their efforts. Keep your own
copies of the images to look at when you've got the gumption...
that's what they're here for.



OTIS currently (as of 5/23/93) has two FTP sites. (projects/otis), the UWI site

sunsite.unc.edu (/pub/multimedia/pictures/OTIS), the SUNsite
(you can GOPHER to this site for OTIS as well)

Merely "anonymous FTP" to either site on Internet and change to the
appropriate directory. Don't forget to use the "bin" command to insure
you're in binary transfer mode.

OTIS has also been spreading to some dial-up BBS systems around North
America....the following systems have a substancial supply of
Underground Cafe (Omaha) (402.339.0179) 2 lines
CyberDen (SanFran?) (415.472.5527) Usenet Waffle-iron

For those wanting to receive OTIS files via mail, send a SASE for current
directory to: OTIS\ PO BX 241113\ Omaha,NE 68124-1113\ USA.



First...create a terrific piece of art. You then have a few options.

1) FTP
If you have the file in computer-format (traditional photos
and illustrations will have to be scanned in, more on that
later) and FTP access, you can use FTP to submit your image.

You can FTP the image to either FTP site by logging in as
anonymous, using your email address as your password. Then
change to the OTIS directory, then the "Incoming" directory.
Once there, be sure you're in "binary" mode by typing BIN.
Use the PUT command to "put" your files into the Incoming
directory (ie. "put filename.gif"). Check with your local
system administrator if you need further assistance.

Once you have your image(s) "put" in the Incoming directory,
send us email with information pertaining to the file(s).
This information should include your name, the "permission"
status of the pieces submitted (if people can reuse them or
not) and the names of the images submitted. Optional infor-
mation, like professional credits, occupation and favorite
beverage, can be included as well. Check out the ARTISTS
directory at either site for examples.

Instead of emailing, you may want to include a text file
containing the mentioned information with your uploads.

Please keep still images in either GIF or JPG format.
(We can convert if you're unable to.)

Supported animation filetypes are FLI, FLC, QuickTime, MPEG,
Amiga ANIM, DL and GL. Feel free to submit any type and
let me know what you think the standards should be.

You can email images to OTIS by using an ASCII encoding
program called UUENCODE. Most systems have it available.
Merely UUENCODE your submissions and email them to us.

If you have submissions, but no way to transfer them
electronically to us, you can send us 3.5" disks with
your submissions on them. MAC or DOS formats are fine.
If you'd like your disks returned, merely include
return postage or international postage certificates for
the proper amount.

Also, if you do not have a way to put your images into
digital format, you can send copies of your photos, drawings,
or paintings and we will scan them for you. Again, include
return postage if you wish the copies to be returned. We
strongly discourage the sending of original pieces through
mail. Clear color photographs of paintings and sculptures
are welcome.

Please include the standard "artist" information (mentioned
above) as well as the following: 1-3 line description of
each submission, your suggested filename for each image and
any specifications for cropping and other image manipulation.

Feel free to include a blank disk and return postage, we'll
put your images on disk for you and send them back.

The address for all postal correspondance is:

OTIS Project
PO BX 241113
Omaha, NE 68124-1113

(Soon to come, FAX)


Freely distribute any and all OTIS files if you follow the simple
rule...keep the file in it's original state (filename and format).
Do not alter the image unless permission is explicitly given to the
contrary (some submittors allow proportional resizing).

OTIS invites the mirroring of it's archives to other FTP sites and
the extension of OTIS to more BBS systems across the globe. We're
specifically looking for outlets on CompuServe, The WELL, Prodigy,
Minitel and other online systems. If you can help, please email
us. If nothing else, feel free to post this file to the discussion
areas of any of those systems.



If you want to use any of the works you find on the OTIS directory,
you'll have to check to see if permission has been granted and the
stipulations of the permission (such as free copy of publication, or
full address credit). You will either find this in the ".rm" file for
the image or series of images...or in the "Artists" directory under the
Artists name. If permission isn't explicitly given, then you'll have
to contact the artist to ask for it. If no info is available, email
us ([email protected]), and I'll get in contact with the artist for
you, or give you their contact information.

When you DO use permitted work, it's always courteous to let the artist
know about it, perhaps even send them a free copy or some such
compensation for their files.



Please keep the names of your files in "dos" format. That means, keep
the filename (before .jpg or .gif) to eight characters or less. The way
we usually do it is to use the initials of the artist, plus a three or
four digit "code" for the series of images, plus the series number.
Thus, Leonardo DeVinci's fifth mechanical drawing would be something

ldmek5.gif OR ldmek5.jpg OR ldmech5.gif ETC

Keeping the names under 8 characters assures that the filename will
remain intact on all systems.

Also...remember to keep the "extension" (the digits after the period)
to three characters or less.



When creating image files, be sure to at least include your name
somewhere on or below the picture. This gives people a reference in
case they'd like to contact you. You may also want to include a title,
address or other information you'd like people to know.

You can usually add this sort of infomation with even the simplest of
"paint" software. If you are unable to put this information on, but
would like it put on...let us know.


DISCLAIMER: The OTIS Project has no connection to the Church of OTIS
(a sumerian deity) or it's followers, be they pope, priest,
or ezine administrator. We do take sacrifices and donations


DISCLAIMER: The OTIS Project is here for the distribution of original
image files. The files will go to the public at large.
It's possible, as with any form of mass-media, that someone
could unscrupulously use your images for financial gain.
Unless you've given permission for that, it's illegal. OTIS
takes no responsibility for this. In simple terms, all rights
revert to the author/artist. To leave an image on OTIS is to
give permission for it to be viewed, copied and distributed
electronically. If you don't want your images distributed
all-over, don't upload them. To leave an image on OTIS is
NOT giving permission to have it used in any publication or
broadcast that incurs profit (this includes, but is not
limited to, magazines, newsletters, clip-art software,
screen-printed clothing, etc). You must give specific
permission for this sort of usage.



Ed Stastny
PO BX 241113
Omaha, NE 68124-1113

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