GENERAL: Watchtowers of Peace. Criticism.

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> I just called one of the phone numbers listed below and told the people in
> the former Yugoslavia to "knock it off and quit killing each other." This
> sensible advice will be beamed into Slovenia (which is not at war) after
> having been turned into a modulated whistle.
> If the sound being blasted across the border is anything like what I heard
> on the phone from the answering machine accepting calls, then nobody is
> going to understand a thing.>

The idea of "beaming" messages of peace into Slovenia is
a perfectly sound one. However, I have to agree that turning
those messages into one, continuously modulated whistle is just
a little bit silly.
Sometimes, we have to learn to seperate form and
I don't want to crash anyone's party, but surely
messages of peace are messages of peace, while a continuous
warbling is just an annoying noise. What's more, a continuous
warbling will remain nothing more than an annoying noise, no
matter what intentions create it.

If I've misunderstood the function/output or method of
operation of the "watchtowers of peace", please tell me.
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