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A FAX art installation in Brighton, UK

1st - 31st May 1993


Thank you all for your contributions to TELAESTHESIA. At the close of
the show on monday 31st May, approximately 100 people had FAXed their
artwork to the show. Artwork arrived from 12 countries:

Japan, Singapore, USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany,
Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Ireland and the UK.

All contributors will receive documentation about this show through the
post in the next few weeks.

The FAX machine in the gallery has now been set up to poll information
out. If you wish to see a selection of the artwork that we received,
then you may do so by calling the following telephone number:

FAX: +44 273 818352 (world)
(0273) 818352 (UK)

Simply call this number and then press RECEIVE (instead of Transmit) on
your FAX machine. Our FAX machine will send 17 pages of patterns and
informationn to your FAX machine. If you have any problems with this
procedure then email me at the above address. This information service
will be available for one week, until monday 8th June 1993.

Remember, if you submitted work to the show then you will receive documentation
in the post soon; this
service is being made service is being made available simply to allow a
maximum number of people to enjoy this show!

Best Wishes from the Disembodied Curators.

PS: Stay tuned to this channel to hear details about a new
telephone art installation, called "BABBLE", which will
be online later this month.
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