Architect-designed Playhouses

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From: [email protected] (Jim Haynes)
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Subject: Architect-designed Playhouses
Date: 14 Jun 1993 03:13:22 GMT
Organization: University of California; Santa Cruz
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There's a show going on at the local shopping mall right now, consisting
of ten playhouses. It appears each was produced by a consortium that might
include an architect, an interior designer, a builder, building-materials
suppliers, a mortgage brokerage, and a real estate brokerage. At the end
of the show they are to be raffled or auctioned off, with the proceeds
going to support the Boys and Girls Club. This is the second year, I believe,
that this has been done here.

This year's entries are, if I can remember, a sort of milking shed, a
garden pavilion, a typical postmodern design, a railroad caboose, a
lunar landing module, a Victorian candy store, a log cabin, a barn,
things on the deck of a ship, and a deck containing a tool shed and a
garden shed. Some of them are strictly kid size; others are scaled
so they can be remodelled for use by teens or adults.
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