OTIS: SYNERGY: CROSSWIRE (second collaboration project)

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Subject: OTIS: SYNERGY: CROSSWIRE (second collaboration project)
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...OTIS presents...

S Y N E R G Y : C R O S S W I R E

START: July 12, 1993
END : August 16, 1993

SYNERGY is the name for a continuing
series of visual art collaboration
exercises designed to weave the net
even more strongly and instigate
communication on all levels between

CROSSWIRE is the second in the series
(the first was REVOLT) and will work
like this:

- you send in an original, but un-
finished image. This can be done
via uuencoded email, FTP upload,
or by sending in a copy via normal
surface post. All images will end
up in GIF or JPG digital format.

- accompanying your original image,
you will send a one or two line
text description of your image.
If you do not provide one, we will
write it. The text description is
to be integrated into a large text
file that other participants can
browse...deciding which image they
wish to manipulate.

- there are three stages...

- a sub-directory called CROSSWIRE will
be opened up in the OTIS directory
at the FTP site SunSite.UNC.EDU.
On July 12th, this directory will
be filled with "starter" images
from other CROSSWIRE participants.
You will then choose as many images
as you like to manipulate, get them
from the FTP site and go wild and

- when you finish manipulating an
image, you will return it to us
via email, FTP or snail-mail, as
described above.

- you can then choose another image
that has already been "manipulated"
to "finish". Returning it as we
mentioned above.

- you will be able to repeat the
steps as many times as you like
with whatever images you like. There
will be an ID-based titling system
so images will be titled in such
a way as to provide easy tracking
and identification.

- (note: you need not be able to
manipulate or finish images to
participate. If you'd like to
just send in a starter image,
that's acceptable)

- (note2: starters are requested in
before July 12th, but you may
join in at any time between
then and August 16th. The
earlier, the better chance your
starter will make it to finished)

There will be the dynamic of survival
working within the collaboration
project. This is because some starter
images may not be chosen to be
manipulated, thus not getting finished.
We will delete any non-finished works
at the end of the project.

Survival of the visually fittest.

The finished images will be stored and
then displayed indefinitely in their
own directory under OTIS/COLLABS.
They will be available for all to

If interested, send starter images or
questions via...

...email to:
[email protected]

...or snail-mail to:
PO BX 241113
Omaha, NE 68124-1113
(images accepted in photograph, photocopy or on IBM/MAC disk)
(SASE if you'd like them returned)

...or FTP images to:
sunsite.unc.edu (/pub/multimedia/pictures/OTIS/Incoming)
(all FTPs must be accompanied by text or email, or else
we might not know who they are from)

More information will be sent out to participants
detailing the specifics and giving them their own
personal CROSSWIRE ID.

Be sure to check out the results of our first
collaboration project, REVOLT, at SunSite.unc.edu
in the /pub/multimedia/pictures/OTIS/collabs/REVOLT

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