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Subj: IDFORUM - Lecturer in Industrial Design, QUT, Australia.

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Queensland University of Technology

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is one of Australia's
largest Universities, operating on five campuses with 24,000 students.
A tenurable vacancy exists for a Lecturer in Industrial Design, in the
School of Architecture, Interior and Industrial Design, within the
Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering.
The School offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Industrial
Design, a Master of Applied Science by Research, and a doctoral program.
The appointee will teach and coordinate subjects and contribute to course
development and to the advancement of the industrial design discipline
through research and continued professional involvement.

Applicants should have a higher degree in Industrial Design, preferably
a Masters, from a recognised University or have equivalent accreditation
or standing, along with appropriate professional and teaching experience.
Experience in CAD is desirable, as is five years work experience.

$AUD 41,000 to $AUD 48,688 pa.

Duty statement and selection criteria are available from the Personnel
Department, telephone: Int + 617 864 3107; FAX: Int + 617 864 3996
For further information contact Associate Professor Vesna Popovic,
telephone: Int + 617 864 2669; FAX: Int + 617 864 1528
e-mail [email protected]

Applications and envelopes should quote 175/93.
Applications should systematically address the selection criteria and
include evidence of academic qualifications, experience and teaching
evaluations plus the names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers of
three referees. Applications should reach the Personnel Director,
QUT, Locked Bag No.2, Red Hill, Queensland 4059, Australia by
31 August 1993.
Smoking is not permitted in QUT buildings or Vehicles
An Equal Opportunity Employer

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