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Malgosia Writes:

>I feel that as a result artists frequently structure their projects in
>such a way as to diminish the possibility of asserting themselves through
>the project. But I personally have doubts about such diminishment; I
>cannot recall ever liking the artwork resulting from such "safe"

Interesting you should mention that. Some software can make beautiful
images, just by being told to "make a neat image" (in computerese) and
it does it 4 out of 5 times. After a couple hundred of these it is no
longer interesting; time to move on, get the machine to do something
else. It is a little analogous to the crisis painters went through with
the invention of still photography; except with computers it is the
opposite. There are millions of pc's out there, and no doubt many of us
feel the ground is fertile for telecommunicative and other forms of
digital culture to fly. [I am no longer talking about the project of
earlier threads; it is one approach out of many possibilities.]

One problem is the technology is turning over so fast that people are
reticent to commit themselves to anything but the most fleeting surface
activity -- a fax costs little, & one's "artistic credibility" is hardly
at "stake" (in the sense John was talking about). Which is ok too,
"surface" being a defining characteristic of visual art. It is wonderful
to see a wall to fill up with faxes from around the world during an
event. The "blossoming wall" is the art, but for all that, most of the
individual faxes have "personality", in the sense that some individual
human being deliberately set out to perform an act of self-expression.




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