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Subj: IDFORUM - Help for Colleagues in Central Asia.

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* Help for Colleagues in Central Asia *

The following is an extract of a recent (July 11) lengthy
message carried by [email protected] followed by a response
direct to IDFORUM users.
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[from] [email protected]
Organization: Project on Economic Reform and Development
Subject: PERDCA Update


Program Update July 5, 1993

The Project on Economic Reform and Development in Central
Asia (PERDCA) encourages, facilitates and supports technical
assistance (TA) efforts directed towards the Central Asian
Republics of the former Soviet Union. PERDCA has been
active with resident Western representation in Tashkent,
Uzbekistan for almost a year. During this tumultuous period
of economic and political transformation, PERDCA has reacted
flexibly to the changing needs of the region with three
types of programs: (1) Frameworks to enhance in-county
coordination between TA groups; (2) Initiatives to enrich
cooperation between the local community and the TA
community; (3) Networks to improve electronic communication
and global interconnectivity.

Deep scleroses in the flow of international information, wrought
of antiquated technology and out-dated policy effectively prolong
Central Asia's isolation. PERDCA is exploiting advanced
equipment and technologies to open new arteries for

Centuries ago, the mythical Silk Road connected Central
Asia's centers of trade, learning, and culture with the East
and West. SilkNet will electronically recreate this network,
once again providing avenues for news, information, and other
valuable cargo throughout and across Central Asia.

Many groups in Central Asia thirsting for contact with the world
require relatively minimal but well targeted support to make
connections. Often these needs can be met simply with equipment
donations or consultation services.

PERDCA assembles and shares lists of electronic mail addresses.
Three lists are currently available: Relcom clients in Central
Asia (including users in all five states, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,
Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan); Clients in Tashkent (in
an expanded and updated form); Foreign TA groups with email
For further information, please contact PERDCA's Tashkent office.

Furkat St. 1 Room #609, Tashkent-27, Uzbekistan;
Tel/Fax: (3712) 45-54-97, 75-67-40;
Email: [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]


Chris Kedzie, Director
(3712) 75-67-40
[email protected]
[email protected]

Alisher Djumanov, Special Assistant to the Director
(3712) 45-54-97
[email protected]
Wes Cole, Telecommunications Program Director
(3712) 45-54-97
[email protected]
[email protected]

Mac Viers, International Programs Officer
(3712) 56-14-22
[email protected]

Lorel Donaghey, National Programs Officer
(3712) 45-54-97
[email protected]

Susan Lindheim, Educational Exchange Coordinator
(3712) 54-69-56
[email protected]

Ernie Chung, Program Legal Associate
(3712) 45-59-26
[email protected]
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Information sent to Chris Kedzie / PERDCA re IDFORUM.

Maurice Barnwell,

Thanks for the information on IDFORUM. There may well be
significant interest here as Central Asia is interested in
developing its own manufacturing base after the end of the
"colonization" of the former Soviet empire. I will share your
information widely with PERDCA contacts. However, one of the
major obstacles, considering the century of isolation and
economic mismanagement is that relatively few organizations
have computers/modems or even know what email is. If any of
your clients worldwide would be interested in materially
assisting universities, institutes or manufacturers here in
Central Asia to join the world community so that
they could truly benefit from resources such as yours, we would
be happy help in this sort of activity also.

Good luck in your important work,

Chris Kedzie

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