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Gopher is an easy to learn and use interface to the net and global info.
Most of us 147 know what gopher is, if not explore:-) and teach'n share
This makes a great assignment for those learning the net.

First a mini tutorial on Gopher and how to find it
Next a map to Output Magazine
Last destination Design-L Gopher archive

Enjoy (11.3K) P.S. "u" = up a menu


First you need to determine if you have a gopher client on your box.
If you are on a unix box try typing the word: gopher

If the program is in your path you will initiate the program.
If it works try to find All the Gophers in the world menu.
An example follows later in this post.

If you do not have a gopher client running you can telnet to several
telnetable gopher clients or install a client.

To Telnet:
Try to locate the site closest to you.
Listed below are the May 1993 list of telnetable clients.

List of gopher sites for use via Telnet
8:43 pm May 29, 1993

* This list of gopher telnet sites is from Scott Yanoff's Guide to Internet
* Services:

telnet or telnet
telnet or (logn: gwis)
telnet or telnet
telnet or
telnet or telnet
telnet or wsuinfo)
telnet or telnet
telnet or telnet
telnet or telnet
telnet (password: envirolink)
telnet (Login: wiscinfo)
telnet or telnet
telnet or telnet
telnet or telnet
telnet or (Login: info)
telnet or telnet (Aussie)
telnet or (login: fred)
telnet or telnet (Chile)
telnet or telnet (Denmark)
telnet or telnet
telnet or telnet
telnet or
telnet or telnet
telnet or telnet (Italy)
telnet or telnet (Sweden)
telnet or (Sweden)
telnet or (login: info)

CIT Service HelpDesk
Staffed Hours: 8:00-6:00, Monday-Friday
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 607/255-8990
Gopher server:
end of file one

You may also get a client for your box. There are versions for
DOS, Mac, and Unix. There also is a new sharewhare/freeware windows
version but I haven't figured out how to configure it.

ftp to get your client.

Both the Mac and Unix clients are the easiest to use. The Mac clients are
point and click. In the Unix client in VT100 mode, you can use the arrow
keys and then enter (return) to select a menu item (or type in a number).

FEATURE: With the new Unix version you can use Shift-D to directly download
selected files (where the arrow is) to your local hard disk

Here follows how to find _Output Magazine_ from telneting

This is a capture file of a gopher session.


Reminder : All use of this service must conform to the NSFNET
Acceptable Use Policies, which you have previously read and agreed to.

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

AIX telnet (hafnhaf)

Login as "gopher" to use the gopher system

IBM AIX Version 3 for RISC System/6000

(C) Copyrights by IBM and by others 1982, 1991.

login: gopher <------- type gopher
TERM = (vt100) <------- press enter or name of your terminal setting

Erase is Ctrl-H
Kill is Ctrl-U
Interrupt is Ctrl-C
I think you're on a vt100 terminal

Internet Gopher+ Information Client v1.2beta3

Root gopher server:

1. Information About Gopher/
2. Computer Information/
3. Internet file server (ftp) sites/
4. Fun & Games/
5. Libraries/
6. Mailing Lists/
7. UofM Campus Information/
8. News/
9. Other Gopher and Information Servers/ <-------- choose this one
10. Phone Books/
11. Search lots of places at the U of M <?>
12. Search Gopher Titles at the University of Minnesota <?>

Press?forHelp, q to Quit
View item number:9

Internet Gopher+ Information Client v1.2beta3

Other Gopher and Information Servers

1. All the Gopher Servers in the World/
2. Search titles in Gopherspace using veronica/
3. Africa/
4. Asia/
5. Europe/
6. International Organizations/
7. Middle East/
8. North America/ <------------ choose this one
9. Pacific/
10. South America/
11. Terminal Based Information/
12. WAIS Based Information/
Press?forHelp, q to Quit
View item number:8

Internet Gopher+ Information Client v1.2beta3

North America

1. Canada/
2. Mexico/
3. USA/ <----------------------------------Choose this one

Viw item number:3

Internet Gopher+ Information Client v1.2beta3


1. All/
2. General/
3. Unclassified/
4. alabama/
5. arizona/
6. california/
7. colorado/
8. connecticut/
9. delaware/
10. florida/
11. georgia/
12. hawaii/
13. idaho/
14. illinois/
15. indiana/
16. iowa/
17. kansas/
18. kentucky

Internet Gopher+ Information Client v1.2beta3


37. pennsylvania/
38. rhode island/
39. south carolina/
40. south dakota/
41. tennessee/ *** (Note: to continue to next page use Down arrow key)

--> 42. texas/ <-------choose this one (second page #42) 43. utah/
44. vermont/
45. virginia/
46. washington/
47. washington DC/
48. west virginia/
49. wisconsin/
50. wyoming/

Internet Gopher+ Information Client v1.2beta3


1. ACTLab (UT Austin, RTF Dept)/
2. Alamo Community College District/
3. Baylor College of Medicine/
4. Department of Information Resources (State of Texas)[experimental]/
5. EFF-Austin/
6. East Texas State University, Commerce, Texas/
7. Matrix Information and Directory Services, Inc. (MIDS), Austin, Te../
8. PIR Archive, University of Houston/
9. Rice University CMS/
10. RiceInfo (Rice University CWIS)/
11. Sam Houston State University (VMS gopher)/
12. Texas A&M/
13. Texas Internet Consulting (TIC), Austin, Texas/
14. Texas Metronet/
15. Texas Tech University Experimental Gopher/
16. Trinity University (San Antonio, Texas)/
17. University of Houston Protein Information Resource/
18. University of Houston, Texas/


Internet Gopher+ Information Client v1.2beta3


19. University of North Texas Gopher Server/
20. University of Texas - Dallas/
21. University of Texas -- Latin American Network Information Center/
22. University of Texas Austin Computation Center/ <---- choose this
23. University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston/
24. University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center/
25. University of Texas Medical Branch/
26. University of Texas System Center for High Performance Computing/
27. University of Texas at El Paso, Geological Sciences Dept./
28. University of Texas, School of Public Health/

Internet Gopher+ Information Client v1.2beta3

University of Texas Austin Computation Center

1. About this Gopher/
2. UT-Austin/ <-------------- choose this
3. Library/
4. Texas/
5. World/
6. Jughead: Search gopher menus at UT Austin/
7. Veronica: Search gopher menus worldwide/
8. Archie: Search FTP sites worldwide/

-->Receiving Directory... ConningRetrieving Director/

Internet Gopher+ Information Client v1.2beta3


1. Computation Center/
2. Daily Texan/
3. Classes/
4. Departments and Projects/ <---------choose this one
5. General UT Information/
6. Library/
7. Texas Union MicroCenter/
8. Student Organizations/
9. UT Gopherspace Test Labs/


Receiving Directory... ConningRetrieving Director/

Internet Gopher+ Information Client v1.2beta3

Departments and Projects

1. About this section.
2. AI Attic Archive/
3. Computer Sciences Department/
4. Fusion Studies/
5. Grants and Funding/
6. Latin American Network Information Center/
7. Math Department/
8. Output Magazine (Design)/ <-------------------------Here it is ******
9. Physics Department/
10. Radio Television Film ACT Lab/
11. SKYWATCH Astronomy News/
12. Texas Natural History Collection -- Fish/
Press ? for Help, q to Quit, u to go up a mePage: 1/1


Output Magazine -- UT Austin Edition

1. University of Minnesota Gopher/
2. Output README file.
3. BBS's via Internet (still has bugs)/
4. Art Area Files/
5. Austin Public Net /
6. Council for Public Media/
7. Electronic Frontier Foundation/
8. Inter Relay Chat (IRC) Info/
9. Mailing_Lists/ <----------------------------------Here to Find Design-L
10. Misc_Reference- Links to Many Databases/
11. Multi-User Dimension (MUD)/
12. OUTPUT --> Graphic Design Area - Files and Resources/
13. Peacenet /
14. Usenet Newsgroups from MSU/
15. Veronica (search menu items in most of GopherSpace) /
16. Video/
17. Virtual Reality Space/
18. What's Internet and FTP? What's Design about it?/


1. Virtual Reality Stuff/
2. Activism Mailing List (ACTIV-L)/
3. ArtCrit-L Mailing List/
4. Biosphere Mailing List (BIOSPH-L)/
5. ConnectAustin.txt.
6. Conservation Biology (CONSBIO)/
7. Council for Public Media List Archive/
8. Design-L Mailing List/ <-------------------------****************
9. Distribution Mailing Lists from Norway/
10. Ecological Society of America (ECOLOG-L)/
11. Freedom of Speech and of the Press/
12. Graphix Mailing List/
13. High Performance Computing news updates/
14. KTSB/
15. Leonardo 3.5 Journal/
16. List of all LISTSERV lists known to BITNIC.BITNET on 14 Apr 93/
17. Mailing Lists from
18. Media-L Mailing List thru 6-3?.

Press ? for Help, q to Quit, u to go up a mePage: 1/2

Internet Gopher Information Client v1.11

19. New Mailing Lists revealed in NEW-LIST Postings/
20. Perform-L Mailing List on Performance as it Art, etc./
21. TSTV/
22. Talk Radio Local UT-Austin/
23. Talk Radio Stuff/
24. Vidpro-L Mailing List as in Video Production/
25. clipper-l.dir/
26. com-priv Commercialization and Privatization of the Internet/
27. holocaust/
28. perform-l.archive.561K.
29. stuxch-l/
Press ? for Help, q to Quit, u to go up a mePage: 2/2


and a secret:

You can also use Veronica DIRECTORY WAIS to search key words

Output and Design

Also, if you are running on a Unix client you can save bookmarks
by pressing "a" and enter. Next time all you have to do to find the
space is hit "v" in gopher and your there.

Hope this has been enlighting.

And the T.A. said, "After they learned Pagemaker they left the class
not knowing how to double click an icon to open a file."
RE: the non-multifinder "seamless" menu based interface in a computer lab.
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