Re: Two Dimensional Design Projects.

Outstanding! Marice have given us a challenge. I hope that I am
not the only fool to respond.

Before you get into the specific details of individual class problems,
I think that you need to establish a few more generalities for
yourself - if not for the students.

1. Come to a clear personal definition of the Design Paradigm.
Obviously, it's arguable, but you need to be specific about scope
and nature ofthe model.

2. Don't use computers! Students at this level get more involved with
the technology than they do with the concepts. The computers can
introduce a tremendous distraction that can obscure the study of
design so much as to make it invisible.
(That comes from personal experience)

3. Use contemporary materials and projects. Introduce external
experiences from newspapers, pop music, tv shows, etc. as subjects
for projects. Give them a subject! Not just an exercise. Subjects
motivate and few students (at least in the early years can even
grasp the depths of the notion - SUBJECT). Go for it, they will
need to deal with it sooner or later.

Well, that's my initial comments/response to the gauntlet that
you have thrown down.

- ray
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